Business Requirement Document

Looking for best business requirement document template? These templates are using in project management business analysis, requirement of particular project, Business specification & case requirement.

BRD (Business Requirement Document) basically all the business ideas, goals and the process of the business plan. The BRD can be formed by the collaborative effort for the manager, team members and the other people involved. It is a detailed document which describes the purpose of the project, plan of action, major objectives and outcomes.

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  1. Project Management Requirements Document
  2. Business Requirements Analysis
  3. These BRD template format in PDF, WORD and Excel
  4. Complete business analysis & Specification according to business case
  5. Multiple templates (Free + Premium), Customization is also available
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Business Requirements Document of Project Management Template

Timeline for completion is also estimated to keep the team member involved and constantly motivated to work harder. Business analyst, product manager, project manager and marketing manager is involved in writing a well-defined business requirement document.

Business Requirement Document

Importance of Business Required Document:

Just like a map is required to travel a city or a country, BRD is the road map of the business project. It helps to lead a project towards the right track. The documentation is done before the start of the project and helps to provide stakeholders, team mates and managers clear insight. So the obvious benefits of business required document are;

  1. Defines the scope of the project
  2. Proper homework is done to gather information about the business idea
  3. Strong explanation to convince stakeholders and investors likely to be a part of the project
  4. Planning according to the budget available
  5. Keeps the team focused towards the goals

Categories of Business Requirement Document Template:

There are different categories of BRD each with its own specification and function. These documents can be made either on MS word or MS excel. Here are few names mentioned;

  1. Market Requirement Document
  2. Functional Requirement Document
  3. Product Requirement Document
  4. User Interface Requirement Document
  5. Technical Required Document
  6. Quality Requirement Document
  7. Software Requirement Document
  8. Customer Requirement Document

There are other many categories relevant to business and project management.

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Business Requirement Specification Template

It is a 24-page MS word document which has detailed plans for the business project. Few things are cleared by this document which is mentioned below;

  • Determine the required changes to make successful business outcomes
  • Look for supportive statements to up hold business idea and objectives
  • Define the benefits business project can make to stakeholders and investors
  • Look for the ways to introduce new products

Fig 2. This is the table of contents for the specification template which includes (Summary, organisation profile, scope of the project, budget or cost analysis, constraints, general requirements, business process model, data description, non-functional requirement, audit and accuracy)

Business Requirement Analysis

Business analysis template (project Status report, Project Charter, Project Costing) required for business processing, program development & methodology.

BRD Template for Agile

Agile development & methodology is key for every business, so BRD template design special for this purpose.

BRD Template for Agile

How to create a BRD Template in Excel?

There are different temples for business requirement templates. But the main purpose for the documentation remains the same. Amendments can be made according to the nature and need of the business idea.

Prepare well for the BRD, be clear and concise. If there are relevant projects present, study them thoroughly. Take suggestions from your team members. Here are some major constituents of a comprehensive yet achievable business requirement document.

  • Summary of the project:

It covers all the objectives and task details precisely. Project Summary is the perfect outline of the project. Overall, it is the summary of the further explained points.

  • Core Objectives of the project:

Setting up some goals and objectives before the start plays a great role in the working capacity of the team involved. It keeps them more focused to meet the deadlines as mentioned in the BRD.

  • Scope of the Project:

Having a clear scope gives the team clarity about the project matters. Deciding what the expectations of the project are is very important. Making these expectations a base further activity is planned.

  • Budget Allocation:

It is an extremely crucial step in any business project. Thoughtfully make a realistic budget by breaking down cost per task and over estimating is better than underestimating.

  • Timelines:

Mutually decide the project deadlines beforehand so that progress is on the right pace accordingly. Schedule all the activities that need to be done. Setting the deadlines is important to bring the attention of stakeholders.

  • Limitations of the Project:

What barriers a project may face? At times weather plays a role of hurdle, so planning alternates keeping in view all these things done in BRD.

  • Engage stakeholders:

Stakeholders clearly evolve the project by arranging thoughtful survey plans. It makes the roots of the project firm.

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For meeting business goal, client’s requirement, to-do-list you must required these specification & requirement template.


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