Looking for project scope document template? Check how to create, projects examples and types of templates in (WORD, XLS) format.

A project scope documentation template helps in outlining the project aims and objectives. It also highlights the expenses and costs associated to the project. This tool also comes in handy when there is need to analyze and review the essential deliverables of the project.

  1. Essential document in project initial stage of planning
  2. XLS and WORD Document for project tracking
  3. Use in Projected Planning
  4. You can check project status report, after set scope anytime through this template
  5. This is part of project initiation checklist 

The scope statement also beneficial in making important decisions for the betterment of the project processes. This extraordinary tool will help the project manages and owners to assess whether the project under consideration is worth to proceed further or not. This eventually will grant you the opportunity to understand and see if there are any hurdles in the project throughout the growth cycle of the project roadmap.

  1. This article will help you understand what a scope documents is and what are its important features?
  2. You will also see why the scope statement is important in managing a project?

Why using a Project scope document?

It is quite impossible to start a new project without defining its scope and objectives. So, project managers need to make sure that a project scope document is in place prior to launching a project. This is essential PMP template for project manager.

A project scope statement allows you to have batter understanding of the whole project plan, which ultimately results in good quality improvement results at the end. Having a scope statement allow you to have a flow in the project processes.

Elements of Project Scope Statement

It becomes very easy and quite straightforward to make a scope statement when you are aware of all the important elements of the project. Once you have a clear picture of all the elements you will be able to make an effective scope document for your project.

Following are some of the important elements included in a scope statement document:

  1. Aims and objectives
  2. Key Deliverables
  3. Milestones and targets
  4. Needs and requirements
  5. Approval and reviews
  6. Problems and risks
  7. Assumptions and limitations

To make and efficient scope document you must incorporate all these elements in it.

Types of Project Scope Document Template

The project scope document also known as the name of statement of work (SOW). There a quite a lot of discussion and research needed to finally make a project scope document. A well maintained and effective scope documentation lead your project towards successful completion. It is very important to include all the business case goals in your project statement to make work efficiently.

Types of Project Scope Document

You must also add comments and notes of each tasks to keep your scope document easy to understand. Furthermore, for your convenience you can break down your scope in more manageable pieces. The scope documentation often mainly comprises of all the estimated resources and cost benefits necessary for timely completion of project.

The project scope often is included in the project charter. If it is in the duty list of the project managers to make one. The scope statement document should be transparent, comprehensive, and easy to interoperate.

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Project Scope Document checklist

It is very essential to have a checklist of your own when you talk about the scope statement. By having a checklist on hand, you can easily run the scope through the project.

  1. First there comes the objective which are needed to accomplish in the project lifecycle
  2. Secondly the checklist includes the major expected outputs and deliverables at the end of the project
  3. All the project needs, and requirements should be highlighted appropriately and visibly
  4. Then the come the major events and milestones. It also includes the estimated cost, resources, and time for successful completion of project on time
  5. Next come the highlighting of any limitations if applicable to your project category
  6. The new systems and changes included and implemented should also be the part of the project scope checklist
  7. Last part is for the agreements and review of customer satisfaction
  8. You also need to make sure that all the stakeholder register and shareholders are identified
  9. Also ensure that if the risk assessment been done or not
  10. There is also dare need to ensure that the scope statement covers assumptions and dependencies

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IT project scope statement

The IT project scope document template is important for creating a comprehensive work scope in project. The main components are background data, resources, and budget necessary for the e project. It is essential for imperative outcome of the project in information technology. Therefore, a scope statement document comes very handy in managing and organizing it projects.

How can project Scope Document aid in timely project delivery?

Project scope document is very important regarding project deliverables. Without project scope you misleading about project costing, project analysis and competition analysis, result fail project.

  1. How to Start a project Scope and Execute The Tasks Systematically?
  2. You easily understand about project methodology and systematically planning

For example, if you are a Digital Marketing Manager, so first of all you make sure about project scope and meet clients requirements (SEO, SEM, SMM). After scheduling and costing mentioned in project scope, you can start project without any delay.

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