It’s a complete set-up relates to project deliverables and strategies through different charts and modes. So, we have a complete bundle of Roadmap Template PPT, Excel, and word for helping your project plan from initiation stage to closure stage. For more information and guidance about Project Management Roadmap Template, you can directly contact to PROJECTIMES.NET department.

  1. Project deliverables and schedule timeline
  2. Set-up Priority tasks and assign resources
  3. Best for PMO and PMP professionals
  4. Comment us for more guidance and understanding about the roadmap template

For meeting stakeholder expectations and project plan goals, this roadmap plan should remain simple and easy to understand through the different templates. Roadmap template must essential before starting any project plan from phase initiation to project closure.

What is a Project Roadmap? Template Features

A project roadmap can be defined as a graphical representation of the project overview which gives information about the milestones, deliverables, and objectives of the project. Template also represents the timeline of the project according to each phase of the project.

It serves as a good communication tool between the team and the stakeholders of the project. It also covers the possible risks and dependencies. A simple project roadmap is the most suitable one.

Project Management Roadmap Template

Key Features of Project Management Roadmap Template

Just like other project management templates, the project roadmap has its own specification and importance. Every tool serves some benefit to the project.

The project roadmap works on creating a better picture of the project which helps in the execution of the project’s plan. But it also has some key purpose in the project management which is mentioned below;

  1. Useful in project launch stage (Actual Project Plan VS Current project Status)
  2. For Checking Task priority check our post (Excel Task List Template)

How can a project roadmap Template help you?

The project roadmap keeps the team aware of the strategic objectives and works as a reminder. As the project progresses the team is occupied with a lot of stuff and keeping them updated about day-to-day milestones is done efficiently with the help of the project roadmap.

Not only reminds about the upcoming goals but also keeps the check on the budget. It also highlights the high-priority tasks and makes the team respond to them urgently or as per requirement.

Stakeholder and Project Roadmap

The project roadmap provides other benefits as well. It keeps the project requirements and expectations in range by carefully monitoring them. Helps you make wise decisions and earn more from the project. Keeps the stakeholders in constant touch by playing a great communication tool.

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Stakeholders are not interested in minute details; they only expect to get strategic updates regarding the project’s progress. A project roadmap is the best tool to do this job.

With the advantages come some challenges to deal with. There are few challenges you may face with this tool. The project roadmap doesn’t provide details; it only provides an overview of the project which sometimes makes the understanding a little difficult.

Project roadmap has no option for feedback which makes it unreasonable sometimes. A project roadmap acts as a win-win situation when the team and stakeholders are at the same age.

Project Roadmap Template PPT

How to make a Project Roadmap? Useful Tools/Template for Project Planning

Here are some steps that you can follow to create a project roadmap efficiently.

Project overview: To create a high-level project roadmap it is important to know the goals and objectives of the project to create an overview to explain the project to the team and stakeholders.

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Project Risks: There are always some things that can lead your project to failure or hinder progress. But knowing them beforehand and planning an alternative keeping the scope, goals, and objectives under consideration.

Schedule Overview: The project roadmap gives the visual representation of the project by creating an accurate timeline of the project to schedule the activities according to the overview of the project. With the help of Gantt Chart, you can have a detailed representation of the project’s schedule.

Dependencies: Project deliverables might have a connection with each other. To figure out these dependencies a roadmap is created which allows you to draw the map between them.

Resources: You need the right resources to finish the project according to the schedule. Resources can be both material and physical like a team.

Key individuals: Identify the team you require for a project to meet the project demands.

Tasks and Assignments: Roles and responsibilities are assigned as per the individual capacity. Also, the task list made and work division is done according to the deliverables of the project to make it a success.

Strategic Roadmap Template for Project Managers:

A strategic roadmap helps the project manager to deal more efficiently with the project. One sample template of the strategic Project Management Roadmap Template is attached below. It carries information on the product, finance, sale, and marketing of the project.

Types of Project Roadmap Examples:

There are different project roadmap tools and some examples are added in this article.

 Agile Roadmap Template Excel:

To track the project’s progress agile roadmap template in excel can be used proficiently. For agile project management, this plan is very important to understand. Helps to prioritize the task to meet the deadlines of the project. Spreadsheet that requires accurate data entry for the quick update of the project’s roadmap. It is very easy to develop an agile worksheet. These steps will lead you it;

  1. Create a new spreadsheet
  2. Set the settings to the printable A4 page
  3. On the top, there is an option to set a timeline
  4. Create swim-lanes with grey or white in the spreadsheet
  5. Make rectangles for each project item in the swim lane
  6. Pick out colors for each project rectangle according to the meaning of the project
  7. Do conditional formatting
  8. Add additional comments with the rectangles to gain attention

Product Roadmap Template

To bring the plan into reality an extensive roadmap can be plotted to work on a product. It requires scope, team, and deliverables.

For the product development, a product roadmap is created which gives an overview of the project. A product roadmap is similar to a project roadmap. You can follow these steps to set up your product roadmap template.

  • Arrange meetings with your team.
  • Explain to them the whole idea and plan of the project.
  • Set quarterly milestones of the project.
  • Give an overview of the project with the help of this roadmap.
  • To stay updated, check the roadmap frequently.

 Roadmap Template in PPT:

There are a variety of ways to plot one template. Roadmap templates are available in excel as well as PowerPoint

In addition, It has a better graphical representation of the project’s overview which keeps the project goals under check to make the project a success. PowerPoint templates are good for the representation of strategic plans. The roadmap gives the project a vision and a strategic plan.

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