Quality Management Plan Template

Looking for quality management plan? We have multiple project quality project planning template in Excel & word for contractor, construction and IT projects. We follow PMO standards and project management framework for managing quality management plan.

  1. Project quality management is the best practice for quality assurance
  2. It provides a quality management guide to the project managers
  3. The quality management is one of the essential process in any project
  4. Quality management includes all the processes of project assurance and other practices

According to PMI, indicated quality plan is essential for every project for continuous improvement & SIX sigma approach. Without follow quality control guide, your particular project will incomplete or missing.

  1. Must use in project planning stage of project management
  2. Professional document according to PMBOK guide
  3. Use for assurance of any project related to quality and ISO certification
  4. Project Manager, PMP and other can download this template for approval project quality
  5. Also download quality control checklist template
  6. Major role in project document template
  7. Engineering project, Construction & IT project management

The quality assurance practices make sure that the quality standards are met at every stage throughout the project.

Quality Management Plan Template (Key Features)

The Quality Management Plan Template highlights all the necessary documentation need to make sure that quality standards are met. The quality project management comprise of three different components which are QMP, quality assurance and quality control.

The QMP makes sure that the quality policy is implemented to make sure that the project has high quality deliverables at the end.

Quality Management Plan Template

This article will walk you through the basics of project quality management. We will also discuss some of its examples.

PMBOK Project Quality Management Plan

The quality management is a way of making sure that the work is done properly and meet all the quality standards. By effective planning, the quality of the project can easily be maintained throughout the project. The quality is the key to customer satisfaction. As we all knew customers are one of the main parts of any project. Thus, making sure that the project and products are up to a certain quality is necessary for the success of the project.

Acceding to the PMBOK 6th editions the QMP is describes the quality related practices and procedures.it makes sure that the quality management related components are included in the project quality management . The quality management team often set goals to ensure the quality best quality results at the end.

Project Quality ManagementExample

There are quite a fee different ways of Project Quality Management Plan Template available these days. All you have to do is pick and choose the one best acceding to your requirement.  Following are some of the examples of the Project Quality Management:

Construction Project Quality Plan

As we know that construction is one of the biggest industries. And it is very important to have a proper management plan in place as you cannot put all the resources and finances at risk. In the construction company projects there are two main thigs which leads to success one is budgeting and other one is quality.


It is imperative to maintain the quality of a project when it comes to construction projects. If the project is lacking is quality the project can have endless issues and can sink as well. Therefore, whenever there is a construction project the quality should be the priority.

IT Project Quality Management Plan Template

Information technology one of the biggest and growing industry these days. Subsequently, it comes with it owns needs and requirements. To make sure that an IT project is working and meeting the quality objectives a proper QMP should be in place.

To maintain quality, you must make sure that you get project quality assurance approval plan prior to starting the project especially in the case of IT projects.

Quality Management Plan VS Project Analysis Plan: Aren’t They the Same Thing?

If you are talking about project analysis plan and compare to quality management then some things you must consider.

In Project Quality Management Plan Template, you can go through entire project status, but in QMP you only can download single project quality plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check some Q&A about these  plan.

Is quality Management plan template for construction business?

Yes, you can use these templates in any IT, engineering, construction and other general project

Is theses quality template according to PMBOK and for PMP?

Yes, these template design according to PMBOK 7th edition guide and suitable for PMP, PMO professionals.

Is these Quality Control template Free or Premium?

Some of basic templates are free, but if you want some professional design template, you have to purchase Premium Template through Template124 & ProjecTimes.

How can is Download these Quality Management Template Excel?

These templates you can download easily in editable format and change according to project nature and plan.


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