Stakeholder Register Template Excel

Looking for stakeholder management template? In this article, you can download complete stakeholder management plan with different formats in PDF, EXCEL and WORD.

What is a Stakeholder Register Template?

A stakeholder is the one who is actively participating in the project and can lead a project towards success. Involvement of the stakeholder can influence the execution of the plan positively or negatively. A stakeholder can also have an impact on the deliverable of the project.

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The whole idea of Stakeholder Register template excel is to capture the details of the identified stakeholder. The template that fits best on the requirements of the project is selected. Also, a project manager can develop a customise stakeholder template. There common headings of a Stakeholder Register Template are mentioned below;

  1. Name of each stakeholder of the project
  2. Designation/ title/ position of the stakeholder
  3. Role as each stakeholder may have a different position in a project
  4. Contact details like phone number and email address
  5. Specify the category of the stakeholder either internal or external
  6. Define the interest of each stakeholder working on a project. Level of interest give the information regarding the decision making of the project
  7. Influence of a stakeholder is to be defined prior.
  8. Expectations of each stakeholder from a project
  9. Mode of communication among the stakeholders and the team
  10. Frequency of the communication- Weekly/ monthly/ bi monthly
  11. Additional notes regarding a stakeholder

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Create Stakeholder Register According to PMP

The Stakeholder Register is further classified into 4 areas which are described briefly.

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholders can be divided into different categories mentioned below;

  • Organizational Stakeholder: The one who is present within the organization is directly dealing with the management and technical staff working on a project. Also, he is extremely focus towards the success and the outcome or final product of the project.
  • Product or Market based Stakeholder: The one who merely signs up a project due the interest in the product that is being manufactured in a project. Such stakeholder greatly helps in public dealing and marketing of that product.
  • Financing based Stakeholder: The Stakeholder who is only involve as an investor but shares no role in the decisions of the project.

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Stakeholder Register Template Excel

Stakeholder Evaluation:

Evaluating the interest of the stakeholder while signing up for a project because each stakeholder can have a different impact on the project. Also, expectations of the stakeholder are evaluated so that details are settled before the start. Communication mode and frequency is defined to avoid uncertainty.

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Stakeholder Classification

Major Classification of a stakeholder is internal- already part of the stakeholder. External- joins from the outside and works on the project.

The other way of classification is influence of the stakeholder. On the basis of the communication classification is done. Upward, downward, outwardly and lateral are the classification patterns of the stakeholder.

Stakeholder Analysis and Management Strategy:

As soon as classification is done, then comes the management strategy for the stakeholder. According to the influence, needs, and interest of the stakeholder analysis the project manager manages their roles.

The project manager goes through an extensive procedure to develop a stakeholder register document. It is a confidential document and access is limited to few representatives. Stakeholder management also paves the path of success for any project. Therefore, project managers along with the team heads carefully do the analysis, identification and prioritization of the stakeholders.

Stakeholder Register Template for Construction Projects

Construction projects are tough to handle and need planning and management. Stakeholder management is also important to lead a project towards success. The template has a main heading of project title and project manager.

In the spreadsheet, Name, Role, Designation, contact details, Mode of communication, expectations of the stakeholder, requirements of the stakeholder, impact, interest of the stakeholder is carefully record.

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