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In this article, you can upload bulk of project documentation templates for starting new projects.  Templates are consisting of MS excel and WORD format of Microsoft.

Template124 create awesome product relates to create any project plan according to project life-cycle. From initiating planning to closure stage, you can manage entire project easily. Therefore, you must make sure that you complete all the must have documents necessary for each stage of the project. These template set according to PMBOK 7.

These documentation template is very important, when you no idea about where to start project till end. Template124 will provide you initiating planning template to closure stage and other extra template (Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, Production).

What is Project Documents Template?

In this reading, you will see how the project documentation works and how many different types of documentation is used for project management. The project documentation template aids in managing your data in a file and exclude all unnecessary data.

  1. From Initiating Phase to Closure Stage
  2. Risk Management and issue tracking template for Bonus
  3. Multi Project managing (Portfolio Tracker Template)
  4. Project Strategy Template

A Project documents template mainly helps in properly implement your forthcoming project plan in the given time framework by taking the support of this thoroughly made project strategy template.

Project-Documents-Template-ExcelPurpose of Project Documentation Template

The main reason of using project documentation template is essential and very necessary for proper running of the project. It also helps in successful completion of the project progress.

  1. Resource Capacity Planner

Project documentation is the way of recording and documenting the main stages of project. An efficient and effective project documentation strategy is essential to meet the projects requirements. This is a very good practice for a trackable record of all the activities and tasks in the project.

Project Management Documents by Phase

You can also adapt changes and plan further changes in the project by looking at project documentation in a glance.

First I will discuss with you project life-cycle template, then some essential project documents template Excel & Word.

Project Initiating & Planning Document Template

Here below I suggest you some initiating & planning document use in initial stage of project planning. 60+ template is requiring in initiating stage for multiple projects. Either you are planning construction stage or IT project, you must first overview these templates for easy roadmap of project.

Acceptance Criteria Business Case Template Process Flow Chart Template
Exception Report Feasibility Report Precedence Diagramming Method
Product Launch Checklist Program Brief Template Program Management Plan
Programmed Business Case Program Mandate Template Project Blueprint
Project Brief Project Charter Template Request For Proposal Template

Monitoring & Control

After planning phase, you must move towards monitoring & controlling step, let’s check out some essential documents below. Make sure I will explain here some of these, for complete detail you must go to product page and purchase complete plan.

Customer Acceptance Form Document Review Form End Project Report
Example of PRETO Chart (PDF) Exception Report Template Follow on Action Recommendation
Forward Planning Template Investment Appraisal Sheet Off Specification Report
Phase Stage Exception Form Project Approval Form


Project Authorization
Project Monitoring & Controls (PPT) Project Review By Consultant Variance Analysis Worksheet

Project Closure Documents

Final stage of project planning is project closure, here is some essential template, you must need at the end of the project.

Post Implementation Report Post Implementation Review Project Closure Report

7 Essential Project Documents (With Excel Templates)

The documentation provides a quick overview of all the details in project. It also allows you to have a bird view of all the project progress. This will help in proper planning and meet the needs of your team members.

Project Charter Document Template

The first and foremost step in project management is to create a project charter template. This is an essential document that summarizes the range, goals, and investors involved in the project. This incredible document has everything the project demands and its anticipated results.

Project-Documentation-PhaseThe project charter often known as business case document and it comes very handy in proper project management. For instance, you want to show the plan and importance to your investors or provide outline to your team, all you need to do is show the project charter. So, a project charter is basically the whole plan of the project.

A Project Charter is a document that offers the objectives and potential risks of a future project. It is a crucial resource in the project management process and supports in enhancing both project development and implementation.

The Project Charter can also be able to also play a role as an agreement between the project promoter, key sponsors, and the project administrator. Furthermore, in a customer relationship management the Project Charter is described as Project Definition Report.

Project Plan Document Template Excel

There is no general or standards for creating a project plan. You can be as thorough or quick as you want to be. The project plan is mainly a link between you and your squad into the project and its targets. This basically is the less formal and straightforward tool than project charter. It is the type of document that can be altered according to your need. It doesn’t have to be thorough; it mainly shows your team which goals need to be met.

Here are some factors you can contain in the project plan:

  1. Project identification
  2. Project dates
  3. Progress
  4. Tasks/activities/deliverables
  5. Task details
  6. Timeline or Gantt chart

Project Status Report Template

Another important project document template is Project Status Report. Establishing and generating project status reports is the bread and butter of any project manager’s work. In this case you must develop weekly, monthly, and even daily reports to inform stakeholders regarding the health of the project. Creating effective reports is a skill and you must be comprehensive but brief.

If you are planning construction project, then project status report document is very helpful to you. Daily to weekly base construction projects is very easy after using of project status reporting.

To create one, you need to make sure, it has the following components:

  1. Task progress
  2. Problems, risks, and transformation demands
  3. Achievements and deliverable

Risk Management Plan Template

When managing a project there can be different kind of risks comes in your way. The risks can impact your project success considerably. There are problems in each project that can affect its achievement. Foreseeing these problems and creating policies to confront them is done through the risk management plan.

Related Template: Risk Mitigation Document

Here are some examples of risk management documents.

Cause and Effect Diagram Issue Resolution Process Issue Management Form
PM Risk Issue Mgt Procedure Project Risk Categorization Project Risk Prioritization Worksheet
Quantitative Risk Analysis Worksheet Quick Reaction Checklist Risk Access Tool
Brainstorming Worksheet Identification/Implementation Management Process


Risk Management Strategy Risk Register Response Plan Template

Risks are frequently divided into various classifications establish on what they will affect and anticipate target risk probability.

Business Case Management Documentation

This business case management tool captures the perceptive for originating a project or task. It is the data desired for approval of the project.

  1. The main reason of using a business case document is estimating the cost of the project
  2. The business case may often know as project brief, project charter, high level project plan
  3. It does not matter what name is given to it as it basically is the initiation of the project

Business case management is the purpose concern with developing, cooperating, and sustaining the business case.  So, all business-related projects and programs must have a business case that establishes the worth of their purposes.

The business case template should be updated, it can be used as the primary document to assess the development in business tasks. A Good Business Case captures and documents the important plans in starting a new project.

Agile Project Documentation Template

An Agile method of documentation is nominal and continuous. This tool helps in documentation the status of your project. You can make strategies to fulfill specific tasks in your project. This also aids in batter communication amongst the team members. This documentation tool helps you see how the project is progressing and what changes can be made to get success.

Related Template: Agile Project Plan Template

Agile planning describes which project task is done by which sprint and help us to make a repeatable method to complete a task. This method reduces cost and time as well as other working staff can take guidance on how they can accomplish a project task. This is most important Project Documents Template Excel.

The agile project plan template helps the project managers to document and proceed base on the structures of the project. This often provides quite a genuine guess for the future of project as well.

Project Schedule Documents

Another useful project documentation template is project scheduling. Here below I paste some scheduling documents necessary during MID phase of project.

Activity Duration Estimates Guidelines Project Schedules Schedule Management Plan
Schedule Variance Analysis Templates for Milestones Work Package Description


 Customize the Project Documents for your needs

Looking for customization of your project? These templates I mention above is already editable and customizable, you can set according to your need.

Still if you have some trouble regarding managing projects, then you can contact us. We will guide you how to use these templates.

Editable Project Documents

All mention templates are editable and printable, some is excel-based software like Production Planning, Project portfolio Template.

Any Further Question

in addition, If you have any further questions relates to project documents and project planning phases templates, you can contact us VIA Email and Comments.

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