PMP Project Charter Template Excel

Most important document in project planning, you must need throughout project life-cycle (Initiation to Closure).  In this article, we first discuss what is project charter, importance?

Types of project charter relates to Agile, ONEPAGE, SIX sigma, Program charter. We will also discuss project charter Vs business case, project proposal and initiation document.

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The Project charter template include the whole project description and all the members of the project. It mainly covers all the essential and important fields of the project. It addresses all the steps starting from initiation till the final completion of the project.

  1. Create in project initiation planning continue till project closure stage
  2. Easy report to project stakeholder, investors and other managers
  3. Easy define Objectives and constraints of the project
  4. First clarify overall project, then use template for easy documentation
  5. According to PMBOK and for PMP/Project managers and PMO
  6. XLX 2010 to 2016/2019 format compatible
  7. Useful in construction & IT projects especially software development

The project charter is one of the most initial documents of the project and are often made in the beginning of the project. The charter also highlights the roles and responsibilities of the project staff. It also covers the scope, objectives and goals related to the project.

Managing a Project? Begin with a Project Charter

In is highly recommended to make a charter before beginning the project and get it approved by the main stakeholders and chief management of the project.

How to Make A Project Charter (With Charter Template)?

The project charter is mainly crafted by the project manager in accordance with their knowledge and experience. Th opinion of main and selected most important can also be included in the process of making the charter. If you are planning to create project charter in excel format, then you should aware about these essential steps.

What is Project Charter & Why in project Planning?

A good and well-maintained project charter includes the core components of the whole project. The charter also serves as an authentic and approved document between the major stakeholders, shareholder, and the management of the project.

PMP Project Charter Template Excel

To make sure the project is running smoothly without any hurdles there is a dire need of marinating proper and efficient project charter. It is highly recommended to make and get the charter approved prior to starting the project.

Essence of Project Charter

The charter will also help you analyze whether it’s worth spending your money, time, and resources to the project under consideration. This type of evaluation and analysis could surely save you considerable amount of time and money. Because if a problem is highlighted d in the beginning you will be able to plan a strategy to address the probable issues.

PMBOK Project Charter Includes (Key Element)

According to the PNBOK project charter is initial and basic document of the project approved by professionals and stakeholders. This is document made by the initial and most important member of the project and is of great significance. We can simply say that the project charter is the key and road map of the project, a plan from starts uphill completion point.

The charter document is the representation of the exitance and approval of the project plan and all its steps. According to the PMBOK the project charter permits the project manager to have the authority to use the resources effectively and efficiently. The PMBOK guide says that the project charter is the initial and defined project planning steps and hold a high rank is the significance of project planning and development.

How To Create Your First Project Charter

The project charter gives and defines the authority of a project manager. It is to make sure that the provide recourses are effectively utilizes and ensures the best outcome upon completion of the project. You must try to make the charter as comprehensive as you can. The more the charter is thorough, the more it will be effective and efficient

There are no hard and fast rules about creating the project charter. Thus, you can add all the beneficial and necessary things into it. To design and craft an active and valuable project charter the following steps should be kept in mind:

Project Charter Document: How to Write Perfect One?

  1. First you must decide most precise and most related name for your project. To choose a title try to be as precise as you could. As name represents the highlight of your project and is the reflection of what the project is about.
  2. Then next you must specify the project purpose, goals, and objectives. This will help in planning the map to follow in accordance with your project goals.
  3. The next section includes all the budget and financing. It highlights the amount of money needed for the execution and finally completion of project.
  4. Scope and risks also must be addressed precisely. This also shed light on the highlighted constraints and the strategies to manage them.
  5. Next comes the major milestones, deliverables and timeframes designed for the different tasks in the project.
  6. Lastly there must be a proper section for team roles and responsibilities. This allows you to see which member of team is responsible for which task. This way you will easily allocate, alter, and break down the roles and responsibilities among the members of your project team.

Project Detail Area (Template header)

In this area, you can write some key note relates to project. Like (Project Title, Project Start & End date, Project sponsors, Project Manager)

Business Need (Summary)

In this area, define business need of particular project in short. Make sure this is just one- or two-page document, so do not write too much in this template.

Project Scope

In project charter, must explain about project scope. Either project is going according to plan or not? write project scope in Single or two line in project charter.


Define deliverables in this area related to project. You can also mention your project related milestone deliverables.

Project Risk & Issues

In this area mention key issues and risk during current phase of project planning. Make sure you are pasting current risk and issue in this area.

Assumptions & Dependencies

Blank area for assumptions & dependencies, you can also write project implementation plan note in this area.

Project Financial

Define key project financial against particular project life-cycle stage.  You can download our project costing template for calculating financial.

Project Milestones

Define key project milestones with little description in this area. Each project milestone you can mention with project schedule & impact during particular phase.

Project Team Detail

In this section, identify current project team members with their name & responsibilities. Project team with their name and role mention.

Approval Managers

Who is the signing authority? Where to submit project charter template?

Six Sigma Project Charter

Types of Project charter Template

Following are some of the example of different categories of the project charter:

Six Sigma Project Charter Templates

The six-sigma project charter template is helpful document in analyzing the project intentions, goals and other vital components. The six signa depends mainly on the project charter as it the charter is the fist step in sigma methodology.

The six sigma is the most important document and is a very helpful tool during the DMAIC process. It aids in making a proper framework and useful in the implementation of the project charter. It is a helpful tool in making sure that the project is progressing smoothly and is on the right track.

Agile Project Charter Template

The agile PMP project charter template Excel is to spot the issues and identifying the most relevant and effective solutions of the problems. The charter having the agile methodology is enough for dealing with the constrain in the project.

The agile template is a conclusive piece of document comprising the project scope, objective and team administration. The agile team charter is another helpful document to map out the success criteria for the project. It is one of the essential and primary documents and clearly line up the main stages of the project development.

Program Charter Template

The program charter mainly describes what needs to be done and when. It allows the project manager to use the resources in the most efficient way. It is recommended to give importance to the program charter and make sure that the project has no underlying issues and problems.

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One Page Project Charter Template

Looking for one page charter template in excel or DOC format? You can also access to this type of template for single or multiple project management plan.

PMBOK Project Charter Examples

Different PMBOK charter template example is available to download. Template according to PMBOK 7th edition guide and rules.

Sample Project Charter for Software Development

This type of template most using in software development or product development process. In product backlog or specification, you can help with project charter.

Project Charter Examples

Project Charter VS Business Case (What’s the Difference?)

In business case you must define some overall project or business-related perspective other than project charter with some lavage change management, like;

  1. Project Financial
  2. Operation Management
  3. Competitor Market-Place
  4. Resource Management

What’s include in project charter? (Already define above). You can also download our PPT professional PowerPoint slides FREE with our Product.

Project initiation document vs project charter

Although this document is a part of project initiation, but create when other initiation template ready for project plan. Because in project charter you have to explain many initiation activities of project.

Project Proposal vs Project Charter

In project proposal some key element like “Project Funding, Authorization, Project Summary, Business Case” define in short.


As we have seen that the charter holds a special place and is one of the must have document for project success. Consequently, it is recommended by the project professionals to make the charter in the beginning of the project. I hope this piece of documents provides you the batter understanding of the project charter.

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