Project Description Sample

Looking for project description plan or initiation project template? Below some useful template you can pick for your project planning in initial stages of project development. For creating professional or eye-catching description, you require well-create project documentation template.

We (ProjecTimes) with the contribute of already design some professional suit for project managers according to PMBOK/PMI guide for PMP.  Below, you can get different types of project related description sample with examples.

What is Project Description Purpose?

Purpose of this document is to define key points to project related executives and investors. The idea to write this statement must clear for everyone.

These templates require during initial stage of project life-cycle. Usually format of Microsoft Word & PDF.

Which Templates are Include in this Bundle?

Project Scope, Project estimate, Project impact Analysis, Stakeholder Register, Project Proposal, Project Brief and impact analysis charts templates are including in this bundle.

Make sure this is part of Project Initial Document of project plan.

Project Background and Description Sample

Make sure about project background term, it’s quite different with description. Project description is to use for elaborate project and align project related workload. Make sure You are looking PMP template of project description, rather then just theory.

Project Description Sample

Sample Projects Description Basic Step

Make sure you are following these steps or keep in mind these regulation and methodological techniques.

  1. Outline of project or project roadmap from initiation to Closure
  2. Define project framework and methodology in steps
  3. Project analysis template with Key PMP tools and software
  4. Agile project plan, with price2 guideline
  5. Resource management & project relates operation management procedures and implementation each task or sub-tasks
  6. Project scheduling and Project timeline management through Gantt chart & other scheduling tool

Makes sure for project analysis, you are using premium product of project management documentation with Free Tools

Project Description Example in Project Proposal

Different examples according to projects are mentioned below, you just need to pick regarding your project (IT, Engineering, Academic, Construction).

Construction Project Description Sample

Although basic standards and guide is same just like general template, difference come to heading and project description area.

  1. Project objective
  2. Preliminarily Deliverables
  3. Secondary Deliverables

Operation management, time duration, workload and finance description summary you can add in this template.

Price 2 Project Description Format

Prince 2 framework followed by UK project manager in their project planning, so we are creating some useful description template based on prince 2 guideline.

How to Write Creative Project Description?

Looking for creative or unique guideline of project description writing according to PMI guide or framework suits according to project life-cycle methodology.

Task list description, project outline and summary write in header area of page. Project Scope, Milestone, Resource management, Financial analysis and impact analysis writes after an after. There is no basic principle of writing either project scope first of program, but summary, project framework and structure give must priority to project financial and investor roadmap.

Write Creative Project Description

Project Scope Document

Basically, project scope is the part of project description. In project scope statement, you can analysis complete project step aby step or using WBS template.

Milestone Trend Analysis

This is scheduling tools best, when attach Gantt chart or timeline. Using for estimation milestone trend analysis of project scope and competitive analysis.

Rough Order of Magnitude Estimate

For estimate project initial costing, we are using rough order magnitude estimate template or formulas.

Project Description PMP Template

Finally, you don’t need to search and create manually these templates, when you have available entire project plan template. Just one-time purchase, you can easily create project plan from scratch from initiation to closure stage with professional Project portfolio tool and PMP slides.

For more info about project description sample example, you can comment ProjecTimes.Net team.


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