Resource Plan Template is an important document when it come for business. It is an essential and handy to manage the capacity. Resource Capacity Planner template in excel supports to map the strategy for resource capacity proposal. It also aids in mapping and analyzing the usage and capacity of resources for further utilization and distribution.

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Therefore, you can easily see and watch the number and capacity of the crew working on a particular project. By using these supportive tools, you can supervise your resources more effectively.

  1. In HR system HR recruitment tracker is one of the best planner tool
  2. 245KB Excel file of HR resource management
  3. Easy download FREE file (Premium is Paid)
  4. Hr strategy plan template

Therefore, Resource Capacity Monitoring Template can be very beneficial to streamline and organize your resource.

Significance of using Resource Capacity Planner

This planning template is very handy an easy to use. You can use it in excel. Its main goal is to track and monitor your resources in a project. This planning tool is equally beneficial for already ongoing as well as new projects. So, it is easy and quite straightforward to download and use resource planning template for Capacity Planning.

Resource Management and Monitoring is a simple but very valuable strategy to manage your Projects. As it has an exceptional ability to alter a project from a plan to reality. Moreover, it is vital for almost all project types in all industries.

In this article, I will mainly debate more about the idea of resource planning. This template is mainly available in Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF setups.

What Is a Resource Planning?

Resource planning is a strategic project management strategy for planning your resources, finances and materials. As a planning tool, a resource plan knows how to handle and manage data with material expense.

It also aids in employee management on daily and even on weekly or monthly basis. Furthermore, it also facilitates in staff and labor force planning. The Resource Capacity Planner Excel is mainly used by managers, organizations, and contractors to supervise and complete projects according to demand. As this assist in managing and completing the project in accordance with supply and demand.

Main Components of Resource Planning

The resource management is an essential component of any project. A Resource Capacity Planner Template in Excel is a chiefly a core detail and tool about the project resources.

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Yet sometimes some companies use this document to show in portfolio to present the plan of the project. The planner can be made in different ways according to the audience you are showing it to. As, sometimes some information is confidential, and you do not want everyone to see.

Resource plans can differ in many ways according to purpose. Here are some of the features which should be the part of a Capacity Planner.

Project Title

  1. Plan Description
  2. Plan Record
  3. Project Important dates
  4. Project assignments
  5. Monthly Performa
  6. Resource Information
  7. Quantity of Resource
  8. Project Budget estimate
  9. Work in progress
  10. Resource conditions
  11. References and appendix

Types of Resource capacity planning Template Excel

There are three main types of capacity modeling techniques dependent on:

  1. Resource utilization Template
  2. Production Capacity Planning Template
  3. Scrum Capacity Planning
  4. Employee Capacity Planning Template
  5. Resource Management Tools Excel
  6. Agile Resource Planning Template

Resource Utilization Template

How utilize multiple resources for one project or manage easily without extra expense. These type of managerial templates are using in multiple type of businesses like construction for labour equipment and finance management.

Production Capacity Planning Template

In production industry or department these type of templates play very important role for project manager. From inventory management to warehouse production scheduling template, capacity tracker ease your project.

Scrum Capacity Planning

It is like story management in agile; multiple tasks by different person can easily manage through this template for tracking.

Employee Resource Capacity Planning Template

Employee data record like hourly schedule work, PTO, attendance and leave and managing financial through this template. Also, managing multiple employees on a particular project.

Resource Management Tools Excel

There is different kind of resource management software or tools, like EZOWO. You can also purchase template from Template124 for quality work.

Employee Resource Capacity PlanningAgile Resource Planning Template

These templates can only use to compile agile planning, you can use for tracking, management and schedule of your teamwork and storyline.

  1. This following resource-planning template includes a Gantt chart highlight to imagine and plan resources for Agile. These particular software development resources mainly for by quantity and skill type planning.

In addition, mostly analysts, developers, designers, product managers and administrators use this for planning the resources. You can easily modify the template to look over the allotment of your team activities across Agile calendar. You can set it on weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

Is EZOWO the Best Resource Capacity Planning Tool?

As by, know we have seen that resource capacity planning is vital part of any project. And the strategies for capacity consumption supports businesses and it also boost the processes. Furthermore, it facilitates to comprehend the budget needs for obtaining, allotting, and administering resources.

If the teams, do not have the right resources it will result in bad consequences. As it will outcomes as either inadequate delivery value or an overburdened team. And as we all know these kinds of things are not good for any Project.

There are number of different planning tolls and templates out there. But here are some of the easy and best resource capacity planning tools:

Agile Resource Planning Template

  1. Toggl Plan
  2. 2-Plan (Resource Planning Software)
  3. Saviom (Enterprise Resource Planning Tool)

EZOWO (Easy Project Management)

You can try EZOWO for resource capacity management. The best software I found in the market.

Toggl Plan (For Simple Projects)

Toggl plan a straightforward and user-friendly project planning tool. Therefore, it additionally facilitates in crew capacity planning and capacity supervision.

  1. It eases in managing the team resources using timeline view. Shows a broad picture of the person duties and work throughout the project. Allows you to allocate tasks to the group member of the project
  2. You can also make it for a week month or even year. Consequently, you can set the timeline according to your requirement. There is another option you can set it on short medium- or long-term planning

Therefore, this Resource Capacity Planner Excel makes a big difference and helps you to create a project calendar. Tasks are easily managed and overlooked on the plan timeline timetable. These assigned tasks automatically sync with the team timeline.

Plan (Resource Planning Software)

The next tool 2-Plan which is a source project planning software. Unlike any other software this is quick and supports your team to get on work quickly.

  1. Most of the users says that 2-Plan has parallel aspects to Toggl Plan

One plus point in this tool is that it contains fundamental and excellent time tracking elements.  Another quality of this software is that it free. And it is in desktop form for solo users.

Saviom (Enterprise Resource Planning Tool)

Saviom is also another an excellent resource capacity planning tool for big companies. This toll is easy to use and has best operating proficiency development programs.

It has amazing characteristics for adjusting resource consumption. Best for enterprise users.


Hence, we have come to know that Capacity planning supports your team in many distinct ways. We can mot deny the importance of planning as it is essential and a vital component of any project or business. This helps in delivering projects by discovering the right reserves at the right moment in time.

  1. We looked at what capacity planning is, and how it is done
  2. Also, we looked at the types and strategies for managing resource capacity
  3. Plus, we looked at the factors that affect it

Capacity planning tools streamline the supervision of resource capacity process for you. There are quite a few very easy and handy resource management and capacity planning tools out there.


How can I download this Resource Capacity Planner Excel?

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