HR Monthly Report Template Excel

Looking for HR management system? In this article, you can import recruitment, employee training and company entire employee report in PDF format. In other version you can directly import this template in PPT and WORD format also.

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Team management isn’t easy when you don’t have professional template/tool or other helping material. Daily to weekly employees management easily through HR template. In this article, you can only download “monthly” template, but on request you can access to download daily or weekly.

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In HR management, you need employee management reporting system for example (Leave Record, Attendance Tracker, Training management).

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HR Monthly Report Template Excel

Complete HR report with customize addition in this template. Manage and edit easily this sheet through out guideline.

What are HR reports?

HR reporting submit to HR manager in format of Word, PDF and PPT. Through this excel template, you can generate report into Word (Doc) format and PDF.  . Human resource department is directly related to the day-to-day activities of each employee and their performances.

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HR Monthly Report Template Excel

The Human Resource department is responsible for the right talent acquisition and their hiring for the betterment of the company. HR ensures smooth functioning of the organization by setting up regular reports which will help to improvise plans in a better way.

There are different types of HR reports that work in project management. Few important categories are mentioned below;

  • HR administration report: This report has the information about the all hired employees with their respective dates. In this report as the name suggests it carries information about the yearly salary and the hiring status.
  • Administration reports also have the record of termination, paid leave analysis, employee change history and status change of the employee who carries the information about bank details, promotions or increments.
  • Equal employment report: The employment check and balance is necessary. It tells about the unbiased hiring of the employee without any gender or race difference.
  • Such reports have the information of the newly hired employee, terminated employees, sometimes rehiring is done and it is important to keep the record of it.
  • Employee engagement report: To keep a check on the employees’ performance is vital for the progress of a project. By making regular reports HR will stay updated about the engagement status which will directly improve overall working efficiency of the team on board.

Monthly or annual HR reports play an important role in the smooth functioning of an organization. These reports keep the Human resources department updated about the inefficiencies.

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And if inefficiency is present, a different plan of action is adopt to keep up with the progress of the project. Other than this strengths and weaknesses of the overall project and individual team members are high lightened and improvements are made accordingly.

How to Create a HR Monthly Report?

HR reports play a significant role in a project or for an organization. Always keep the report simple and concise. Monthly reports work as a bridge between the new hired employees and their updated performance review. Follow these easy steps to set up your own HR monthly report.

  • Make an organized list of the data you want to put in the report. Keep the information to the point and accurate. You can follow the headings of any template or make your spreadsheet according to the criteria set by the HR team.
  • Now following the template there will be 8 headings like, recruiter’s name, job requisition number, month of recruitment, number of applicants, salary level, nature of job (full-time, part-time), construction management and the location.
  • Major chunk of the work is done by now. You just have to enter the information correctly in their respective columns. You can add colors for different columns to make the outlook more impressive.

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It completely depends on the project manager and the HR representatives to develop an easy or complex report.


Basic Element of HR Monthly Report

There are some basic elements of each template. Just like that, basic elements of HR Monthly Report Template excel are mentioned below;

Per Hiring Cost:

Monthly report is complete analysis which helps to identify the most suitable hire for a job who is best fit for both the organization and also is cost effective. By adopting this method you can cut down unnecessary hiring costs for the company.

Turnover Rate:

The best way to detect and track the retention contributors which will further tell about the potential employees who are doing their job well. There are different ways a company can perform employee retention, most common ones are recognizing their efforts or providing them monetary benefits.

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Employee Productivity:

Each organization has set up their own rules to measure the productivity of their employees. An efficient measurement will directly improve performances which will lead to the success of the project.


It is important to keep the track of working days of each employee because it will impact the progress of the project.

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