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Forgot all template, if you have this one. Complete HR strategy management system under one roof, through this template you can easily maintain Employee Training portal, Recruitment Tracking, Employee Portal. In next version of this template, you will able to access employee attendance tracker (Holiday planner, Absent tracker) and PTO tracker.

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Complete HR Strategy Plan Template Excel

No matter how big or massive a company you are working with, a human resource strategic plan lays the root towards success.  Strategic Plan plays the role of a roadmap template which keeps everything aligned. Thoroughly go into the vision of the project and then set up HR strategy plan. A plan needs to be comprehensive and realistic so that goals are achievable.


Overview Detail (Employee Dashboard)

  • Overview
  • Salary Detail
  • HR Analytic
  • Employee Report
  • Datasheet

Employee Performance

  • Employee Appraisal Form
  • Dashboard

Recruitment Portal

  • Overview (Dashboard)
  • Job Reports
  • Jobs Data
  • Application
  • Candidates
  • Datasheet

Training Portal

  • Dashboard
  • Training Report
  • Training Data
  • Datasheet

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The HR strategy focuses on the strengths and plans the upcoming things accordingly. This particular strategy starts with recruitment and ends with success planning. Nearly, it has everything to lead a project in the desired direction.


How to Write HR Strategy Plan (Example to Write Plan in DOC):

Best Practices lead to exceptional performance and these practices can be adopted universally. There are multiple such best practices but the most widely accepted ones are explained below.

  • Sustaining employee’s security/ concerns:

Employment security is extremely important, it nearly amplifies the overall work environment of the organisation. A great employer – employee relation works in the cost benefit of both. Employee pays more attention to work if his/ her concerns are considered and satisfied also it makes them stay longer with the organisation. Employers are benefited by the performance of employee . If doubts occur between both of them, the employee is likely to quit the job.

  • Profitable Hiring:

One of the best HR practices is selecting a candidate who adds value to your company. Every company aims to look for exceptionally talented candidates who can prove profitable for their company. Go for the best recruitment tools for the hiring of your team.

  • Suitable teams:

An individual can’t turn over the tables single highhandedly; a competitive team is required which can lead the tasks collectively as well as individually. Best suited ideas are collected and roles are defined according to personal skill. Good communications among the team members play a key role.

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  • Performance based rewards:

A little reward won’t harm a company. Set performance based incentives for the encouragement of the deserving employees. You can make personalised policies for it, either share in profit or fixed incentive can be given on the met target.

  • Professional Training Sessions:

After hiring the right representatives for your team you need to polish team according to your company needs. For these training sessions can be done to keep your employees updated about the new and better work techniques. Training will impact work quality improvement.

  • Equality among the employees:

Inequality leads to discouragement. Giving equal importance to all employees of the same scale makes them feel secure. It helps them to share their ideas more confidently. Running a company or business in always a joint venture so treating all team members the same will work in your benefit.

  • Long term strategic planning:

Short term planning can be disastrous be it recruitment or plan execution. Long term HR planning is required to keep up with the pace. Always think about the alternatives plan to keep the project running smoothly.

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HR Strategy Examples:

Following are some HR reports template example, If you required some custom editing in this template, request us.

Employee Exit Plan-

Having an exit strategy is important to end a job on the good note from both sides. Setting the duration an employee needs to serve after resignation is the right move. So that employee can finish the ongoing task and hand over all the matters easily.

HR Communication-

Good communication among the employees and HR team makes a good cooperative work environment. Various tools and techniques can be used to build efficient communication systems.

HR Technology Innovation-

if you want your organisation/ business to progress develop a tech system that will lead your work in the right direction. Set up a cloud-based HR, it will help you to work real time. Make innovative recruitment plans using the latest technology. By carefully using the technology plan something to involve the employee to share ideas for the wellness of the organization.

You can download Gantt Chart Template in Excel with Subtasks from here.

Workforce Management & HR Planning through Scheduling:

To maintain the accuracy workforce management is required. There are different soft wares which can proficiently do the scheduling. Two different categories are mentioned here;

  1. Automated scheduling of the duties according to the skill of the employees. This can be easily done by a single click on software, when duty shift is required.
  2. If a multi-skilled employee is working then place them in such a position/time that they are best able to utilise their strengths.

This is “All in One” HR Strategy Plan template, if you required only one portal, then we can also provide you particular portal template under your budget.

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Check out following Question relates to HR Planning Templates

In which format we access to download report of any HR portal?

Currently PDF is the only option, In OUR further up-gradation, you can also download reports of HR strategy Planning in PPT and WORD

Is HR capacity Planning template download with this template?

Yes, per your request we can give you Free access of HR capacity Planning with strategy template

Working with this Template?

You can manage workload planning, Recruitment Management, Budget & Succession Planning and Manpower scheduling management with this template.

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