Production schedule can be time consuming and challenging job to do when it comes to big business setups. You can access to download this production plan template in excel format. In this situation using an effective scheduling tool can lift some weight off your shoulders.

You can check status any time, through project status template.

What is Production Schedule Template?

Basically, the production scheduling is another name of inventory management. The main reason of production scheduling is to keep a record of what we have in stock and what more is required. The production scheduling techniques is primarily used by the production companies to keep a check on what product is in demand and how much is required to fulfill their demand.

  1. How can I use with ERP system for adding New Product?
  2. Is Production Schedule web-based system

Some of basic templates are free, but if you want some professional design template, you have to purchase Premium Template through & ProjecTimes.

Subsequently, the production planning helps you manage and control the demands it has a considerable effect on the overall development and success of your business organization. Therefore, using a production schedule template can help you tremendously and you can manage your production effectively with this toll.

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In this article, we will be discussing the importance of production schedule and why is it so important? We will also have a look at few most important features of this scheduling tool.

Production Schedule Template (Key Features)

A Production Schedule Template is one of the most useful and promising tools for production planning and upkeeping. This template is on of the most helpful and widely used toll in the field of supply chain management.

  1. It helps in all aspects of the production processes throughout the whole project.
  2. A large amount of money and resource capacity goes to waste every year by mismanagement and disorganization of production. By using a proper scheduling template for production can save you money and time at the same time.
  3. Furthermore, it ensures that there are no serious issues in your inventory management.
  4. It also aids in making the production circle run smoothly which results in smooth and successful development of your business overall.
  5. This amazing template also makes sure that the mangers are provided with all the necessary information need for the production management and planning.
  6. It is also very effective and vital for reaching production goals and ensuring the timely delivery.

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Use Production Plan Template in Project Management

Make sure some people confuse production planning in sense of film or tv. This template design for inventory management and other projects management purpose, so make sure before download this template.

Components of Production Schedule Template

Thus, we have seen that the importance of production scheduling can not be denied in your business specially in manufacturing business. Now let us have a look at some of the important and promising features of this tool.

  1. Initially, it makes sure that the quality product is manufactured and delivered on decided time.
  2. Secondly, the resources and material can be in proper check by implementing an proper well defined production scheduling template.
  3. The production capacity planning will be on the top of the list when the production processes are well managed and under control.
  4. The schedule for the production ensures that the production is in flow without any hindrances or hurdles along the way.
  5. Furthermore, by using this template you can set production goals and this will help you in meeting your goals effectively, on time.

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Format of Production Schedule

The production schedule is helpful in monitoring and organizing the production processes and details.

Header (Production Front Page)

In front page, you seen some button to jump direct to particular page .

Header-Production-TemplateCustomer Data Base

IN his page, you can see some button for quick jump like

  1. Daily Reports
  2. Date-Wise Pro Status
  3. Monthly Wise Pro Status
  4. Dashboard

In this page, some important value you must enter like (Company serial No, Customer, Order, Article, Order and Quantity).

Customer-Data-BaseMain Data-Base of Production Template

In which, you can see order status in left section and some basic information department-wise in right section of template. Day, night total production and quantity department-wise you can edit or copy from here.

Production-Report-TemplateProduction Report Template

This is summarizing section; you can generate report format in this section. With schedule date, you can enter order (Received From) and department information.

Monthly-Production-FormatYearly Reporting Production Department

In this section, you can maintain yearly reporting of production order. Date from this you can also generate into another PDF format.

Production-ChartBar Chart Presentation

Last but not least, Bar chart for showing progress of each department.

Although you can create own custom production plan template. For this you need some general items and no. A general Production Schedule must encompass the following information:

  1. Customer details (Name & Contact number)
  2. Product order detailed information
  3. Production Stating date
  4. Production Closing date
  5. Delivery date or dates
  6. Total quantity of the deliverables
  7. Remaining quality
  8. Team working on production
  9. Delivery & shipment details
  10. Comments and suggestions

Categories of Production Schedule Template

The production schedule template can be of different types according to the time frame and format. For instance, the are daily, weekly, and monthly production scheduling templates available in word, excel and often in pdf format as well.

Therefore, there is a need of adjusting and making required changes in production plan with time.  And you must add all the necessary and important production details in the production scheduling plan.

  1. Daily Production Plan Template XLS

Daily production scheduling is helpful in maintaining and monitoring the progress in production on daily basis. Every project is different from others and similarly has different needs and requirements. So, in some cases some production setups need trailing the performance daily.

  1. Weekly Production Schedule

There is another category of the production schedule which is weekly. This will allow to see the development in the production after every 7 to 8 days. This way you can related and compare the performance and quantity of the production from one week to the next. This will allow you to keep on project tracking and aware of the production performance weekly.

  1. Master Production Schedule Template

This is the production tool which include all the overall information of the production details of the whole project. This template can have more than one spreadsheet included for every production task.

This serves as main production development project documents and the team members make entries into it along the way as the project goes further. It mainly is a monthly or yearly based plan for production processes details.

For example, if we talk about yearly production schedule template, it has different section for every month.

The main components of a master production schedules are:

  1. Sales contract number
  2. Customer name
  3. Product description
  4. Total quantity of the product
  5. Sales coverage
  6. Shipment details (time, date, and place)
  7. Invoice number
  8. Payment status

Manufacturing Production Schedule Template

This is also a very important tool when we talk about the production management. The manufacturing production template helps the production team to keep a record of daily production progress.
It also aids in order and delivery management of deliverables and other good on time. As, in any manufacturing business you need to deliver your product on time to maintain a decent position in market.

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The manufacturing scheduling also gives you the chance to manage the resources and material in accordance with the planned order delivery time and amount.

Types of Production Schedule Template

Check out some typically types of production planning related to inventory management system. Pre and Post production planning template is also attached with this bundle of production template.

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Pre-Production Schedule Template

Before interacting with main template, pre-production planning template is very helpful. Format of this template, you can see below. For custom planning, make sure you contact with ProjecTimes.Net team.

Warehouse Production Management

Small to large-scale warehouse need this type of templates, for daily to weekly basis warehouse production management. Breakdown this template into further steps for managing inventory unit.

  1. Cast Actors
  2. Special Effects
  3. Wardrobe
  4. Special Equipment
  5. Stunts
  6. Extras/Silent Bits

Supply Chain Inventory Production Management

In supply chain or ERP system, this template set for adding new product and then proceed towards ERP system. You can also generate project reporting through this excel sheet.


Hence, the Production Schedule template is a must have tool in all the manufacturing related businesses. This can facilitate and help the production managers by helping them in observing and watching the production clearly and accurately.

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