Project management is a broad process that requires multiple software and tools to grasp the things going on in a project. Just like that, Delphi technique is used widely in project management to calculate the probability and the outcomes that can take place in the future.

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What is the Delphi Technique for the PMP?

A project is not run single-handedly, there are a number of skillful individuals in the project. Each with their own theories and advice. Experts or professionals have different thoughts and ideas towards the solution of any problem, so; it becomes hard to bring them down to one idea that will implement in the project. Delphi Technique is the best solution to consensus concerns; it helps to reach the final decision quickly.

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The technique gathers the ideas anonymously under the supervision of a manager or a moderator. The ideas explore and the most common ones are select for the next round. The process of refining the ideas goes on and the best solution is selected without exposing the names. No ego is hurt, as the process keeps the names confidential and provides you with the best decision.

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The Delphi Method and How It Applies to Project Management?

Delphi Method is a blinded way of selecting the solution of the issue that took place during the project. Multiple big names is involve and it is extremely hard to disagree with anyone. So keeping the respect of all members intact the process can be carried out by following these steps;

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Delhi Technique for PMP EXAM

Step 1: Finding a neutral person who can carry out the procedure proficiently. Give this role to the person who can deal with research and data collection by staying unbiased. With the help of this representative, you can lead your process in the correct direction.

Step 2: The Delphi Method focuses on the panel of experts taking part in an organization or a project. The panel can have customers or team leads of the project. But basically, the ones having experience and exposure are part of the panel.

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Step 3: Identification of the problem and explaining that to the experts is the third step of Delphi technique. The problem is to explain in front of the panel to seek their ideas.

Step 4: Question Round 1 is carried out in which general questions are asked that have a broad understanding. Each expert from the panel put forward their ideas according to their capability. To keep the process structured, questionnaires or surveys are created. Funneling became easier with this approach.

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Step 5: Another round of questions is carried out with a more clear explanation. The results are collected and sorted to carry out the consensus.

Step 6: Round 3 of the questions is carried out, it is the final stage in which the most agreed decision is identified after going through multiple backs and forth surveys.

Step 7: Now the viewpoint or findings are in front of you and you can plan the future event under the light of this anonymous decision.

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