Project Completion Report Template

Project is on final stage? So you are looking some kind of professional and unique reporting template in PPT and PDF to report Stakeholder, investors? In this article we arrange some project closure template (Completion or Change log). If custom Edit require, then you can comment ProjecTimes.Net Team with project description.

Project completion reporting template business requirement in the end stage of project planning. But you have must complete project management templates bundle, in which you can manage project in different life-cycle stages for example project initiation, project launching, tracking ETC.

The project completion report is a helpful document is analyzing and assessing the progress of the project in a glance. Templates are available in EXCEL & word format, use in project closure stage of project management life-cycle.

As this include the details of all the essential steps of the project and their progress along the way. This document specifies and highlights the goals and objectives of your project.

You can also using document tracker for project completion reporting.

  1. Professional Layout of reporting
  2. Report Access in EXCEL, WORD, PDF and PPT
  3. Single click of Report generates
  4. Project management closure stage (Final)
  5. Reports for investors, stakeholders and project manager also

For custom report, you can request us. And our team will fully contribute regarding your particular project.

An Overview of Project Completion Report Template

If you want to keep an account of your project progress the completion can serve you well in this regard. Document that is mostly made after the completion of the project. Mainly is a closure document after the completion of all the tasks in the project.

Template is under the responsibilities of the project manager to make sure that the completion report is submit immediately after the completion of the project.

  1. Work Completion Report Format
  2. Project or Task Completion Report
  3. Weekly or Daily Project Completion Report

The project completion report identifies and document all the steps involve in the project and the problems associate to the different tasks of project.

It mainly is known as the formal document prepare at the completion of project. This also specifies and highlight the strengths and weak points in your project overall.

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You can also maintain a reference archive the project completion reports for use in the further future upcoming projects. As having a reference document is very helpful and comes handy when we talk about projects plan and especially of complex nature.

Project Completion Report Template

After editing in header section with “Project Name, Department, Focus Area, Product/Process”. In body section divide by Two main parts

  1. Document Owner
  2. Project/organization Role

In final section “Project Closure Report version Control” add 4 column (Version, Date, Author, Change Description).

What Items Are Included in Project Completion Report?

This article will allow to understand that what is a project completion report and why is it important. We will also discuss what is include in a report generally.

Project Closure Export in Excel

Project closure report in excel is helpful to access the progress and development of the project. In Excel document you can add some auto generate calculation, which will help in generate one click report just like (Project Portfolio Dashboards Template).

You can also see in the report about the rate of the project success and failure. This can also be use as a reference to make helpful and useful changes for the betterment of the project.

Financial Project Reporting

This report is helpful in identifying the flow of money and resources in the project. The closure report will also allow you see the project briefing, explanation, financial plan evaluation, areas needs or the process improvement in the future.

The report can be made in the word format, but it is recommend to use an excel based report template. Report make the best quality and clearer picture of the project progresses.

Steps of Making Project Closure Report

We know there are four main steps in the project life cycle which are initiation, planning, execution, and closure. It is highly recommend to make sure all the progress related to these phases must be include in the Project closure report.

Following are the main steps which must be followed when making a Project closure report:

  1. Decide a proper and most related tile page regarding the main information of your project.
  2. Next you must address and document the project background and its summary properly and precisely
  3. All the excel task list which are being done in the project must be documented appropriately
  4. Then the most important thing which is budget and expenditures must be considered. So, you must add the budget evaluation and analysis the project report document
  5. Finally, in the last step you must identify and document the areas which need special attention and improvement. This can be used as a refence to avoid problems and enhance the quality of any upcoming projects.

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Building Construction Completion Report

The construction projects have never been easy as they need extra and focus attention. We all know in a construction project three are quite a few critical things which needs to be handed and managed with great care.

Making a completion report for every construction project is a very good practice as it can be used to refer to different projects in future. You can download our project tracking template for this template.

As in the project related to construction the resources and money is used extensively the report can help you see how they are manage and use in the project.

So. Whenever you are working on a project related to construction, you must make a construction report in the end to see how its done and what improvements could be made in upcoming projects. This amazing tool makes your work effective, clear and a great piece of reference for future.

Check Project closure through WIKI, and Project closing PMI.

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