The project management-planning PMBOK 7 Template is a type of document, which explains how the project will be monitored. It shows detailed information about the execution, supervising, and command of the project.

Some template as if Work breakdown structure and status report is the format of excel, other in Microsoft WORD format. Complete project management lifecycle template from initiating to closure and risk management is based on 7th edition of PMBOK.

What is PMBOK 7th Template?

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is a detailed guideline for project management. Through these templates, you can manage your regular-based tasks and multiple projects easily.

As time passes in a project, the body of knowledge develops. In addition, subsequently, it is displayed in A Guidebook about project management. Previously the books have been released on this and its sixth edition was published in 2017.

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Therefore, the PMBOK Guide also has similarities with general planning, establishing, recruitment, performing, and regulating the functions and progress of a corporation. Other management disciplines, which are associate with the PMBOK Guide, involve economic predicting, management strategies, accounting, and other development techniques and approaches.

Aim of using PMBOK Guide

The PMBOK Guide is a guideline subcategory of the project management body of knowledge. This is known to be a very helpful and appealing practice in managing a project effectively. It is often known as a generally recognized practice for project management. This means that it has a decent and exceptional effect on generally most of the project types. By using PMBOK you can enhance the chance of the success of your project to many folds.

Top 7 PMBOK® Templates

Now we will have a look at the Project Management Body of Knowledge’s (PMBOK®) highly critical and valuable project management templates. Each one of these templates symbolizes an essential part of an efficient and cohesive project scheme.

Project Charter:

This is known as the basic and initial part of project planning. It is often also called the basis of a project. Once the plan for a project has been finalized the next step is to maintain a signed charter of the project.

This charter is the authority and approval for the starting of a project. This also highlights the needs of the project and the components needed to kick start the project. As this is an initial and very important document the charter should be designed and approved with great care. There should be minimal or zero chances for error in a charter. As the starting point and initiation of a project depends on it.

PMBOK-7-TemplateTherefore, the charter is one of the most sensitive and crucial documents in project management. If you will not be careful and drop the quality of the project charter, your project will certainly go through a difficult time

Project Management Plan:

As we have seen that, the project charter is the base of a project, in the same way, the project management plan is its foundation. The project management plan is crucial and a very important phenomenon. It incorporates the management proposals and strategies from each of the project organization information sections. It interrelates all the management proposals together.

Work Breakdown Structure:

Every project is different in size, capacity and has different requirements. A project could be very lengthy and complex. In that case, a Work Breakdown Structure comes very handy in managing bigger-size projects.

Communications Management Plan:

The next one is communication management. In addition, this is the most important part of project execution without any doubt.

Scope Management Plan:

The most widespread reasons for project failure are scope mismanagement. Therefore, the scope should be managed properly with great care.

Risk Management Plan:

The risk management plan is crucial as it identifies and resolves any risks present. Without any risk management plan, your project will be at great risk.

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Some template is premium, so with a little price, you can get complete set of project management. For information about PMBOK 7th edition template, either contact ProjecTimes team of Template124. For more theoretical information about PMBOK guide, check source WIKI.

Changes-PMBOK-7What Changes in PMBOK 7 Template?

What are the main changes in PMBOK 7th edition, in this edition, mainly risk management planning, quality management approaches, time management, and scope management strategies change a little bit?


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