Project Plan Outline Template

Looking for complete bundle pf project management outline plan? In this article, you can download outline template for project planning in WORD, PDF and Excel format. This template categories in project initiation phase of project life-cycle.

  1. Download project brief example before taking it
  2. Project summary, goal, mission statement with proposal outline
  3. Project launch template found also in this category
  4. Download in XLX in DOC

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How to create a project plan outline or checklist?

Before starting anything, it is good to make a plan for it. It helps you to stay focused and clear about the upcoming events. Just like that, every project has multiple things going on side by side.

To keep everything aligned it is good to plan an outline or checklist. So here are a few easy steps that you can follow to set up your own checklist.

Project Plan Outline Template

  • Project Scope/ definition:

It is necessary to have a clear vision of the project before you start. As a number of people are involved in a project and bringing them under a single page is not an easy task. So, it is always a wise option to have a clear image of the project. Define the objectives and outcomes prior.

Also, choose the team according to the need of the project. Look for the possible barriers and plan a way out of them. Allocate the budget as well. There are templates available, you can easily put up the data and you are good to go.

Check out Project Costing Plan Template in Excel as a related template.

  • Develop a work breakdown structure:

Keeping in view the task list and deadlines do fair work breakdown so that no employee development is overburdened. Make a realistic work distribution and estimate the timeline required to complete different tasks. It is always good to set up an achievable work plan.

  • Resources of a project:

The critical step of every project is to define the budget. Skilled employees are also asset of the project and can be treated as the resources of the project.

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  • Risk Management:

There is always some barrier that requires utmost attention. To keep the project running smoothly you need to plan a way out to fight against those risks.

  • Communication tool:

Good communication is an important tool in the success of the project. Project manager and HR team mutually plan out a platform for the communication. It keeps the whole team updated about the progress of the project.

Example of Project Plan Outline

Examples of project management outline document. Project description sample template, you can download also with this bundle.

Project Initiation & Planning Outline:

There are further different templates you can incorporate in the project plan outline one charter template is project imitation template.

Project Tracking Document:

To keep a constant eye on the progress of the project you need a project tracking template. It carries all the necessary information for the follow up. All deadlines of the tasks are recorded with their allocated budgets. This helps to keep the tack of the project.


Categories of Project Outline:

Project outline is further broken down into categories a few mentioned below.

Project Costing Outline Template:

Budget allocation is an important step to keep the progress smooth. So, there are templates for the cost estimation. By using the templates, you can see the difference between actual and estimated cost and further plan according to the remaining budget.

HR Outline Management:

The HR team undergoes extensive planning during and prior to a project plan templates. To lessen the burden of the team, project manager introduces suitable templates.

Related Template: HR Strategy Template

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