Are you looking for project planning documentation? We have completed A to Z bundle with project management slides and most important project portfolio management tracker system. In this article, you have access to download multiple project management plan template according to PMI & PPMBOOK standards.

Such template like (Project Charter, Project Scope Management, Project Tracking Templates, Project Roadmap & costing template) is very necessary for draft a proper project plan.

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Important Template: Best PMP Templates for Project Managers

  1. Suitable for any business & project like (Construction, Energy, IT)
  2. According to PMBOK 7 and PMI guidelines, do you can use it for GOV projects also
  3. Every manager, like Consultant, Energy Specialist, IT project Managers, and general project managers and directors can use it
  4. Advanced Project Portfolio Tracker Free for Use
  5. PMP for construction Template (EXAMPLES)
  6. Download in XLSX, WORD and PPT format, required MICROSOFT office 2013 (At-least)

Project management planning includes all basic to standards PMP templates for example (Stakeholder management, communication planning, staff management, HR management planning, Financial planning ETC).

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What is the project management plan PMBOK Template?

When it comes to project management, project planning plays a key role. It can help you to achieve the goals of the project within the limitations of resources. To keep the project running smoothly a proper project management plan is required.

Purposes of Project Management Plan

And it starts right before the start of the project. Project documents template is done which outlines the overall happening of the project. A project manager is the person responsible to develop this plan, and has the complete authority to manage the matters accordingly.

Stakeholders and the human resource team are also involve in the planning of the project. All the matters are settled after the approval of project sponsors and stakeholders.

Variety of Project Management PMBOK Plan

A Project Management Plan Template PMBOK focuses on the details regarding budget, resources and work breakdown.

Moreover, a project management plan is not a single document; else it is a collection of multiple documents covering all the major and minor aspects of the project.

PMI Project Plan Template

The PMBOK or PMI project plan template of the project management plan gives a better approach and improves the transparency of the project. These PMBOK templates are mentioned below;

Project Management Plan Template

Top 6 Project Plan Documentation Templates PMBOK Standards

Although you can download up to 1300 templates/tools with project management slides and project Portfolio Tracker, but here below some of these best one shows.

Project scope Management Plan:

Things get messy as the project progresses and project scope clearly defines the path of the project. Project scope and project charter are more or less the same.

The main purpose is to initiation checklist the project when a developed plan. Project scope is link with other documents that are necessary to run a project smoothly.

Related Template: Project Scope Management Template

Project Roadmap Management Plan:

Complete A to Z guideline or step by step project management roadmap template.

Work breakdown structure Plan Template:

The work breakdown structure gives the visual representation of the task designated to each team member. The task division is done so that no overlapping occurs. The duration details are also mentioned in the work breakdown structure.

  • Schedule baseline: A project schedule is develop to create harmony in the upcoming events of the project.
  • Milestones: Milestones play a key role in project These milestones give the project the right direction and keep the team motivated.

Change management plan:

A change management plan is required to keep up with the changing things of the project. And it is treated as a separate document in the project management plan.

Risk management plan Template

The project plan needs some sort of risk assessment and management. Proper strategic plan is made for the risk identification.

Templates are available to create a risk register and risk management plan. Main purpose to incorporate risk management in project management plan to improve the quality of the project.

Related Template: Risk Mitigation Plan Template

Resource management plan Template:

A resource plan helps the project identify its limits for resources and redirects you to stay within those limits which are important for the project efficiency and smooth progress.

Stakeholder management plan Template:

Stakeholders play an integral role in the progress of any project. Hence getting the involvement of the right stakeholder takes the project to another level.

Stakeholders can create impact on the project so try to reach out to all the related stakeholders with a significant position in the market.

Related Template: Stakeholder Strategy Template

Steps to create project management plan:

If you are planning to start a project and not sure from where to start, we will take you along. Follow this easy guide to set up your own project management dashboard:

Step 1: Your project may experience several ups and downs; to keep the progress smooth stakeholders can play a significant role. To get into this situation, you need to identify stakeholders which are best suitable for your project.

Step 2: Keeping the deliverables of the project in mind, define roles and responsibilities of your team. Identify the strength of each team member and assign them duties. Try to avoid overlapping and carefully plan your activities.

Step 3: For planning and execution you need to hold a kick-off meeting. Organize a team meeting and clearly explain the plan of the project. Define the timeline, budget, resources and milestones of the project.

Step 4: Official meeting explains the project scope, budget and timeline of the project. Give an in-depth explanation to your team so that they have a strong grip over the project.

Step 5: A project has some well-defined goals, discuss these goals according to each phase of the project. Knowing the goals of the project will keep the team motivated to work even better.

Step 6: Project deliverables are the checkpoint which ensures you that the project has reached the desired outcome. A deliverable can be a product or a capability.

Step 7: When everything is decided, now is the time to create a project schedule that you can follow to stay in the prescribed boundaries.

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These are the steps that you follow to set up an efficient project management plan. Several templates are available online that will help you in each step of the plan. These Planning Template PMBOK will improve the efficiency of the project as well as save your time.

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