Looking for best scheduling template? We have Gantt chart in project portfolio template excel. Through this Excel template you can easily manage Sub-Tasks and milestone of project in any stage or also multiple project management.

  1. Multiple projects management portfolio system
  2. Easy to generate reports in PPT, PDF and Word format
  3. 2016 Excel template will require for this system, Mac compatible
  4. With Milestone, Calendar tracking (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), this becomes most powerful templates a scheduling template
  5. Easy Task Management through gantt chart

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What is the Gantt chart Scheduling Template?

A Gantt chart is a Project Management tool which simplifies the project by managing and scheduling activities or tasks of the project. The timeline already set by the project manager and the project supervisors along with the task titles are arranged in a horizontal list form. The chart consists of task titles, owners of the respective tasks, starting date and the ending date.

Gantt Chart Excel Template with Subtasks

How Manage Sub-Tasks in Gantt chart Template?

Status of task is also added and is sorted according to the phases of the project. Gantt chart precisely brings the tasks of the project in a manageable state. It also identifies if some task is related to the other one and potential risk if any. Basic elements of a Gantt Chart are tasks, subtasks, starting and ending dates and milestones.

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How does the Gantt chart help in scheduling?

This is a useful tool and has great importance in project management. Some points are highlighted below;

  1. It helps to develop an initial schedule/ framework/ plan of the project
  2. Define roles and allocate resources
  3. Plan the tasks of the project
  4. Track the progress of the project
  5. Helps to set milestones in the different phases of the project
  6. Locate the problem areas that are going to hinder the progress of the project
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Gantt Chart Project Scheduling with Subtasks

Gantt chart is basically a graphical representation of the schedule of the project. The plotted graph is mostly a bar chart. Gantt chart is helpful in scheduling the tasks of an extended project. It helps you to plan your activities more comfortably without clashes. Here are a few easy steps that you can follow to set up your own Gantt chart for the scheduling with subtasks in excel.

  • Create a spreadsheet with headings like task titles, start date, end date, duration and the status of each task.
  • Select the date range from your columns and insert a bar chart of the selected data.
  • You can add a bar chart for the duration of the tasks as well.
  • Add task titles to the chart.
  • Now, if you want to make lists of subtasks, you can add subtasks to the title of each main task. By doing this you can get in depth detail of each task. You can also break down your subtasks as per the total duration of each task.
  • Now switch the bar chart into a Gantt chart.
  • As soon as you have a Gantt chart according to your entered details, you can do conditional formatting to make the chart more presentable and obvious.
  • Keep a check on the charter documents to track the progress of the project.

 Daily Task Management through Gantt chart

A project is stretched over a timeline as defined in the project outline. For some projects you need daily task management. Gantt chart does the job easily. Some projects have sorted tasks on a daily basis and require management.


Tasks are added in the spreadsheet according to the date range and bar charts are created. To keep up with the progress of the project Gantt chart is updated by the end of the day.

Best Gantt chart tools/ software:

There is a variety of software available to set up a Gantt chart easily. These tools save your time and energy. Here are a few best tools for Gantt charts.

Proof Hub:

This software has abundant features and with the help of them you can have a timeline view of the project and perform activities according to the designated time. You can easily modify your task schedule and track the progress. It has a cloud storing system which keeps your data safe in a single place. It is good for both small- and large-scale projects.

Visit: https://www.proofhub.com/

Gantt Pro:

It is also useful to set up a Gantt chart. You can easily prioritize and organize your tasks using this. It is easy to update the team on what tasks they are working on. It also helps to manage the resources along with task management.

Visit: https://ganttpro.com/


This is used widely because of its function of drag and drop. It also has the percentages display with the highlighting option of the milestones.

Visit: https://instagantt.com/

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