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Multiple Projects Task List Template in Excel (Features)

There are plenty of things that need to be managed in a project. Here are a few steps that you can follow to set up a perfect checklist for your project (Excel Task List Template).

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  1. Set up evident idea:

First of all, make a clear vision of your project. This gives you better grip on the further breakdown of your project. Tools, organisers, techniques come under the category of clear vision of the project. Stakeholders pay importance to the evaluation of the project goals and objectives.

  1. Look for the stakeholders of a project:

They can be called as the representatives who can impact the process of the project. They play a role in forming the strategy of the project. A project manager also works as a stakeholder of the project because she/he has good enough authority to mod the strategy of the project.

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  1. Plan of action:

In this step you have to decide wisely what steps you want to take to make a positive outcome. This is the foundation step and sets the tone of the whole project documents. The important things you need to clear in this step are; financial status, tasks and team members. Prioritise the tasks and decide the starting and end date for them to be done.

  1. Budget analysis:

Project success and failure depends upon budget. Overestimating expenses are better than under estimating when in such a situation you will be left with the good amount. Always try to keep the budget cost low in the beginning to save up for the future tasks. Organize your resource capacity according to the capacity of the budget. To keep the project on the tracking template of consistent progress always make regular checks on budget.

  1. Communication plan:

To have a successful project efficient communication is required. A project manager is expected to make a solid plan for it. In the loop stakeholders and all team members are added. This will keep them updated about the individual’s task status.

  1. Risk management:

Being prepared for the unforeseen situation is always the best possible way out. And in any project there are always some hindrances. You need to make alternative plans according to the risk mitigation you may face in a project. Beforehand preparation of such a situation keeps your project running smoothly and helps you to easily meet deadlines without stress.

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How to manage daily tasks through Excel template?

Maintaining data in any Excel Task List Template is the primary step in the project management. Few steps are mentioned below which will help you to set up your own daily task on excel template.

  1. Entering task titles or making to do lists.
  2. Setting up a specified column for the status (complete, in-progress, yet to be done) of each task. This will help you to track the progress of a project.
  3. Mention due dates or the dates of completion for the respective tasks.
  4. Figure out who will be responsible for each task keeping in mind the strength of team members.
  5. Write the allocated budget for the relevant task.
  6. Manage rows and columns according to your need.
  7. To make the template presentable you can also add the company logo.
  8. Add colors or do more formatting

Excel Monthly Excel Task List Template

To do list is made with daily, weekly or monthly objectives which means if a monthly to do list is made, the duration of completion of those tasks will be of a month. Rest of the data will be managed according to it. Budget will be calculated for a month as per task requirement. These templates simplify the project management.

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There are different templates that can be used in excel:

Simple Task list template:

It can be customized for daily, weekly or monthly to list. This is good for beginners as it is the simplest template with due dates and assigned tasks.

Printable Task List:

This is another easy printable to do list that can comfortably manage your monthly, weekly or daily task. It can be used comfortably if you are planning an event or managing your personal routine task. Just print it out and write down the task and tick mark them once done.

Task Management with check boxes:

Checking a box after the completion of anything is very satisfying. This template provides you an opportunity to mark the finished tasks and keep other people updated who are working on the same project.

Task List with drop downs template:

Drop downs list saves your energy and time for entering the same thing again and again. For the status of tasks, you can create a drop-down list.

Action item list template:

It is slightly a professional template. Any project manager can proficiently use this template and fill in data for managing monthly to do lists.

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