Looking for agile PMP template? We have complete Agile project plan PMBOK standard tools/template for starting your product development process. Agile project management is a flexible, iterative design and building process.

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Planning is not required at the beginning of the project. Instead, the team perceives, executes and evaluates a series of tasks according to the demands of the situation.

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Agile uses an incremental iterative approach to respond to unpredictability. Initially, only software developers used this strategy. But presently marketers, universities and game developers are using this methodology.

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Agile PMP Template (Methodology & Template Format)

Agile comprises a number of methods. Kanban, Scrum and Lean are the most popular ones. Each methodology has its own set of team members and specific roles. However, the common roles found among these are scrum master, production schedule owners, team members and stakeholders.


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Agile Manifesto

The agile manifesto clearly states the core values for a team that is making use of this approach. We comprehensively break down the agile manifesto below.

  1. Interactions and individuals are more imperative than processes and tools. Depending too much on processes and tools results in not being able to respond to varying situations.
  2. Working software is more essential than Document Template, but expensive one. This helps to give developers what they require to carry out the tasks without burdening them.
  3. Involving customers, whether external or internal, throughout the entire process reduces risks and ensures a better end product
  4. Agile emphasizes adaptability to changing situations rather than strictly following a plan. The product solutions evolve throughout the process because of its iterative nature as the team reviews and realigns what is necessary.

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Steps of Agile Project Management Template

The agile PMP has the following basic framework which consists of six steps. Make sure you follow these steps during Agile product Development using PMP or PMBOK Guide.

  1. Project Planning

Before beginning the project the team defines their objective and how it will be achieved. However, all of it is not pre planned as agile is flexible and can address additions and changes.

  1. Product Roadmap

At the planning stage, the team comes up with a work plan called a roadmap. It is a list of features leading to the final product. The features are built during each sprint.

  1. Release Planning

Sprints are short developmental cycles used in agile. The features are given at the end of each sprint. The team creates reiterations of that feature and reevaluates the release plan.

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  1. Sprint Planning

The stakeholders come together before each sprint to delineate each member’s goals during that sprint.

  1. Daily Stand-ups

In daily stand-up meetings, each person presents a report on what they have accomplished and what they will be doing next. These meetings are usually very brief.

  1. Sprint Review and Retrospective

After each sprint, there are two essential meetings. First the team holds a sprint review meeting to show the stakeholders the final product. Secondly a sprint retrospective meeting to enlighten the stakeholders how the whole project went and how it could be improved.

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To sum up, agile PMP Template project management is a breakthrough strategy that defies old norms. The flexible and repetitious nature of agile is great for a dynamic environment and is more likely to end in success.

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