Looking for risk mitigation management plan template? In this article we are going to discuss how you can mitigate any risk through using project management tools like risk register and matrix? Risk mitigation mainly means to lower the frequency and extent of the and reduces the bad effects of this. In project management document, you can get complete risk management templates.

Risk management is very essential in project management. We have complete bundle of risk assessment, mitigation and management plan templates/tool for drafting project planning.

Now we must know when to apply Risk mitigation plan? To access this, we first have detailed and well understood knowledge of mitigation plan.

  1. Risk assessment and contingency plan template
  2. Risk management matrix template

In this article, we are going to discuss about how you can mitigate any risk during project life cycle. Different tools and techniques are using for overcome this effect? What is Ucube.biz products and how can I use this in my project?

Risk mitigation can be divided into four HR strategies.

  1. Dodge the risk completely by eradicating the root cause of the impending crisis.
  2. Shift the risk to a new party.
  3. Example in program management plan template
  4. Lower the risk by planning efficient strategy, especially in the cases where the problems are reveals.
  5. Agree to Take the risk.

Key Features of Risk Mitigation Plan Template

The risk mitigation plan has following three steps involved in it.

Risk Identification

Firstly, there is a need of identification of risk. In this you will find out all the possibly collected detail about the problem. This can only be done by search and discussion risk needs to be identified. This will show you the problems and issues which could influence your project or its results.

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Making point or developing checklist will help tremendously in risk identification. The checklists and notes will help the team and the managers to see and debate on the problem to resolve it as soon as possible.

  1. There are quite a few Risk mitigation plan template available in market.

A decent outline to in identifying risk is the risk breakdown structure (RBS). In this the Risk is arranged into groups in accordance with task list.

Risk-Register-Template-ExcelRisk Evaluation

Therefore, the next step in Risk mitigation plan is to estimate the risk. The risks has mainly two magnitudes possibility and influence. Every risks has a type and has different effects in different situations.

Some risks are more common and frequent than others. Additionally, some has the greater effect and on the other hand some has minimized effect. Measuring risks via these two dimensions details the inequality of risk. By evaluation you can identify the most critical type of risk and treat it on time.

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Risk Treatment

The last one is related to the treatment of the evaluated risk. This is described based on cost and return. After identifying the probability of the appropriate strategy can be employed.

If the risk assessment shows that the risk is of high frequency, then that particular risk should be eliminated as early as possible. This helps in making strategy for understanding which one should be addressed first. Therefore, all the steps are very crucial an important to run and manage a project effectively.

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Risk Mitigation Template Vs Risk Management Template

Mitigation is a tactical and deliberated reaction to a risk. When in a project there is a risk identified the members of the project take active steps to reduce and eliminate the risk and this is called the Risk Mitigation. The mitigation often includes effective precautionary measures into a project proposal.

  1. By now, we have a good know how about the risk, its identification and management. Now we will have a look at risk mitigation and risk management.
  2. The risk mitigation is applied as an alternative time for risk management every so often.
  3. There is a slight difference in both. In actual the risk mitigation is an approach inside the bigger exercise of risk management.

Some people get confuse a about the mitigation and management. But in simple words we can say risk management is in a sense, the equivalent idea as risk mitigation. As risk management and its strategies allow us to minimize the risk and allow us to eliminate it. In the same way risk mitigation does the same thing.

Consequently, both works the same and facilitates in managing the risk that is why they consider as same thing. As both risk management and risk mitigation work on same agenda, if you have planned any approach for risk management it can be applied for both.

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Example Risk Mitigation Plan Template

The main objective of a risk mitigation plan is to ensure that there is no risk to the project. The overall goal is to identify and manage the risks in a manner that the outcome is a successful and healthy project.

RISK Identification Template

First, you use risk identification during managing any risk. This matrix involves (Facilities, Raw Material, Equipment, Utilities, and Vendors).

  1. How long can you do without? (How many days you can service during this risk?)
  2. Impact of doing without Risk?
  3. Vulnerabilities
  4. Contingencies in case of a disaster?

The planning for risks allows managers to unambiguously pinpoint risks. And the next step is to establish and file down risk mitigation approaches and tactics in contingency plans. Once the risk management plan is finalized, this will serve as a guideline for everyone engaged to launching the project.

Risk Mitigation Matrix (Strategies)

Not all the projects are of same category and has the same requirements. You need to change your management strategies a little bit for every project. As the small projects has different business requirements and in contrast big ones need more attention, accuracy, and planning.

  1. Low
  2. High
  3. Moderate
  4. Medium

For small projects, the managers often use risk management matrix instead of a lengthy and complex risk management plan. The main part of this matrix is, A comprehensive plan, to manage vital information in a single spreadsheet.

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Risk Register Template Excel

Using for identification of potential risk during project life cycle. Very important tools, must use in project management. Without Risk register you can’t fully managing any risk with full potential.

  1. Information Technology Risk Register Template
  2. Construction Risk Register Template

You can use Free template through SMARTSHEET or Download premium template from Ucube.biz.

Risk Breakdown Structure Template

Some major risk could easily mitigate through proper planning, so risk breakdown structure template is for special type of project.


Consequently, Risk Mitigation is an essential and very important part of risk management in a project. Hence, you need to make sure that it is added into your project plan to manage any problems and risks on the way.

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