Looking for start new project and required some essential template of project life-cycle? In this article, you can access to download premium project launch plan template (XLS to PPT). Start from initiation phase template and end to closure stage template.

In this bundle of project launch you must require risk management, communication/configuration plan template, project portfolio dashboard template, HR management template and some essential financial plan template.

  1. Project communication and business requirement document
  2. Restaurant/Hotel and other business must need these type of template
  3. Project Initiation template for launch new project
  4. Download in PPT, EXCEL, DOC template

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Key Template features for Project launch:

When a team is planning or about to launch a product or a business plan it undergoes a procedure in which introduction of idea, purpose, benefit, target audience and budget is put forward. It is basically a professional proposal which can be used to present your idea to the contractors or stakeholders involved. Templates are available which can be modified according to your product or plan.

It carries all the important information like company name, product name, competitive and market analysis. Also, the marketing strategies for the promotion are decided under this document.

Business Risk Management Launch Template:

Taking risks is not always harmful or can have a negative impact but at times these risks bring us better exposure and outcomes. In business there can be multiple risk factors that are dealt prior by in depth analysis and evaluation.


It is important to check the probability of the risk so that action plan is modify accordingly. The risk management is done in the early phases of the project because it helps to redirect in case negative outcomes are expected. There are templates to make the process of risk management easier.

  • Project Risk Management Plan Template:

This is a basic template which helps to record numerical data along with the risk analysis, management, probability, outcomes and the one responsible for the risk. Data input is done by the project managers to keep the record of the risks.

  • Risk Register Template:

This template is available on excel which gives the information about the risk tracking number, its probability, possible outcomes and the person responsible.

Project Management Launch Plan Templates:

Several things require a management dashboard plan in a single project. And before a project starts it undergoes extensive planning and research. It is easier to manage multiple things altogether with the help of templates available in different software.


These templates have reduce the human burden of sorting things manually. Data is enter and manage in the spreadsheet and further used to check the progress of the project. Some important templates are mentioned below;

  • Project Management Plan Template:

This template works well from the planning of the project following the execution, progress and finally the end of the project. It is not as complex as it looks. Project managers can proficiently use this template to develop a management plan for the project.

  • Project Management Plan Outline Template:

This is used for the extensive planning of a project. It defines the scope of the project, task management, budget and other major things of the project. It gives an overview of the project as several sub documents are attach to this template.

Multiple Project Portfolio Tracking Templates:

Not only time management is require to run a successful project but it requires recourse and task management as well. Bringing all this under one template and then managing it seems easier.


Excel has a variety of templates available for multiple project portfolio tracking. It basically has sorted data into different parts to keep the progress of tasks, resources, and time under check. Gantt chart is use for deeper insight.

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Financial management launch Template:

It is easier to manage a single spreadsheet to design the financial matters and then track them as the project progresses. Budget can be manage on the task basis or also the time basis. You can adjust the template as per your requirement.

It has all the data of the sale, product cost as well as staff pays. As the project progresses the data record prior is compare with the current expenses and it is easier to record the status. This brings financial stability in a project.

HR Management Launch Template:

The HR Template of the company has to deal with different things at a time. And to make the job easier templates are available that has reduced the burden on the HR employee. Some commonly used templates by the HR are;


  • Company Employee Attendance Tracker
  • Employee Training Plan
  • Performance Evaluation of Employees
  • Payroll Tracker
  • New Hire Checklist

In addition, through these projects strategical template, you can initiate your project in quick mode without wasting your time and effort.


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