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If you are in search of an effective and user-friendly tool to manage your multiple projects at a time, then you have come to the right place. This article will help you understand how smartly and effectively you can manage and track your projects. Before project deployment, it’s very important for project planning.

Before come to the point make sure you have all of your solutions

  1. How many projects you can manage through tracking template?
  2. Is stakeholder & Risk Management include in this template?
  3. What about resource management planning?
  4. Project Task & Gantt Chart
  5. Project Resource Management
  6. Heatmaps & Project Calendars &To-Do Lists
  7. Project Timeline
  8. Export Reports Excel & PowerPoint

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As we all know keep track of more than one project is a difficult task. You cannot manage a multiple project without using a proper planning and tracking tool. As these tools keeps you on track and makes your work more manageable.

Note: This is premium template, contact us for more detail about tracking template

Multi Project Tracking Template (Features)

In this article, we will go through everything you need to know about multiple project management tools and templates. We will also see how to track create a multi project timeline multiple projects in Excel?

  1. Gantt chart advance feature
  2. Heat map and calendar data
  3. Timeline management and Multi task management
  4. Professional Dashboard

Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel supports you to manage the Multiple Projects and Resource capacity in Excel.

The Multiple Project Planning Template often contains;

  1. Project Interactive Dashboard
  2. Project Gantt Chart
  3. Summary & project stats

You can alter it according to your preference. Therefore, it also offers enough data on display to examine the project’s progress, value, and presentation daily.

How many projects I can manage Through Multiple Project Tracker?

You can manage unlimited no of projects through this tracker. You can generate reports in Excel and PDF.

Benefits of Using Multi Project Tracker

Compare to online web-based tracker, this one simple and cheaper. Although you can’t access no of online features like multi-user management. But many small size projects can easily manage through this excel tracker.

Steps to Manage Multiple Projects in Excel

As we have discussed that multiple project management is tough and nearly impossible thing to do without a proper progress tracker tool. Easily manage resource capacity.

Following are some general step which are the essential part of a multiple project tracking scheme:

Track your time

When managing a project single or multiple time is most valuable thing. If you can manage your time you can have your project running smoothly with success.

If you are managing a multiple project system, then the importance of time tracking has increased to many folds. As in multiple projects planning you need to keep a close eye on each project completion time to complete all the project and tasks on time.

Use Software for Multiple Projects

Another very important and very useful help you can have during project management is using a project management software. This is quick and most reliable way of management especially multiple projects.

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You can use Kanban software to manage your projects. This project management tool makes it easy-going to manage projects and achieve them on time.

Scheduling of Your Projects

One of the biggest challenges while managing multiple projects is being able to allocate adequate time for every task inside every project. Thus, there is a dare necessary to setup a schedule. By properly scheduling you will not get yourself overloaded and you can concentrate and allocate proper time to each project.

Create Multi Task List

Project management is all about smart planning. Whether you are planning a small big or multiple project making a to do list can help you tyrannous. So, by maintaining a task list you can prevent yourself from ignoring any of your tasks list template and be able to complete them on time.

Priorities of your Tasks

Another advantage of establishing a list of your projects is that you can see the tasks in a glance. Furthermore, you can assign time and finishing date to the most important ones first. This way, you get to map out how to deal and complete tasks on time.

Multiple-Project-Tracking-Template-ExcelHow to Create Multi Project Tracking Template in Excel?

Without VBA or advance excel use, basic person can’t create project portfolio like this. If you know about basic to professional MICROS, then you can easily create like one.

The Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel includes the things which are helpful to you keep on track of all your projects. Key Features of the Project planner are

  1. Monitor over Project and Task dates
  2. Allocation of Project Start Dates
  3. Chosen Task End Dates
  4. Assigning priorities to the order of tasks
  5. Prioritization of resources
  6. Customize Capacity Planning
  7. Better coverage and forecasting

These features are wisely incorporated into a Tracking spreadsheet to allow for straightforward project management. Furthermore, you can systematize your workflow with triggers and keep things going smoothly.

This tool is applied by project managers to handle, track, and regulate the KPIs of multiple projects simultaneously.

If you want to create simple multiple tracker, then follow our step and create template according to your desire.

  1. Customized development is very expensive and may takes time, so just focus on these line and create in minutes.

Header Section

In header section you can enter some basic information relates to project manager and responsible person like;

  1. Contact Info
  2. Project Manager
  3. Project ID
  4. Start Date to End Date

Current Project Status

In this column you can arrange multiple column with value like “Responsible Person” “Status” Date Assigned” and priority.

Projects Detail Section

Main section of template, so make sure you arrange column and rows according to multiple projects or single project.

  1. Project Tasks (Details of each project task)
  2. Each task description accordingly


Final stage of template, in this section mention deliverables date within specifies timeline or according to project scope.

  1. Deadline
  2. Date Completed

Finally, you have idea about how to create simple multiple tracker. But for professional you have to buy it from Template124.

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Types of Multi Project Tracking Template

Let’s check out some unique example of different dashboard of multiple project management.

​Multi-Project Status Tracking Report

Managing multiple projects is a running act, overseeing multiple projects with entwined dependencies can be a terrible experience. In this situation a ​ Multi-Project Status Report can come very handy. It helps you manage and handle multiple projects in one go using a singular tool.

This amazing template will allocate a Project Manager to easily establish monthly status information for a multi-project team.

Multiple Project Gantt Chart

You can simplify and easily perform project management with free Gantt charts for various projects. This helps you manage data and maintain projects on path.

All you must do is just enter your project information, and it will spontaneously generate a Gantt chart that reveals the duration of every task. Therefore, this amazing tool permits you to trace owners, needs and time complete for each task. This often comes with work breakdown structure for every individual project.


Construction Projects Tracking

The most important feature of Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel a construction project is that it allows to focus on the different aspects of the project at a time. Download PMI standards construction template for help.

This can help in providing and presenting quality progress at every stage of the project. There are two most important aspect in construction project tracking one is time management and other is performance.

Project Deliverable Methodologies 

Construction is a more traditional project and most projects in construction project management use the waterfall methodology. This is a technique with clear milestones, tasks with set due dates, deliverable and expectations from the client or stakeholder. All this is organize on a timeline.

Gantt charts can help you tremendously as in can help you see the entire construction project in one place. This facilitates you value time, plan resources and link related tasks that might then create blockages later in the project. A proper multiple project tracker will allow to:

  1. Competently collaborate in multiple projects.
  2. Devise a clear plan for every project.
  3. Allot resources properly in multiple projects.
  4. Stick to stringent deadlines.
  5. Single document managing all projects

Key Elements in Multiple project Tracking Template?

Through this “ALL IN ONE” template you can access many linked template like (Gantt Chart, Resource Planner, Project Report generate, Project Timeline, Task Management, Heatmap, To-Do-List, Risk & Issues management).

Project divide in various section Under “Project TAB”

  1. Project ALPHA
  2. Project Beta
  3. Project Gamma
  4. Project Delta

You can viewing each project KPI, Progress status, Planned Vs Actual Result data and risk & issues in bar chart (Visually present data). This is also call project portfolio tracking template.

Project Milestone:

In this section, you can viewing more data according to particular project. For example after select project like

Milestone Tracking

“Project ALPHA” you can showing data;

  1. Define Problems
  2. Produce the Plan
  3. Project Development
  4. Test
  5. Live
  6. Define Problems

Charts below in this section showing result relates to Start Vs End date & Planned Vs Actual result.

Project Task Management

This is very important section of this multiple project tracking template. You can get result of each task of all task by click the Button in Upper side of this sheet or section.

  1. Priority
  2. All Tasks
  3. Complexity

Below that line, you can get result of each task according to (Yet to start, Completed, In Progress, On-Hold, Cancelled, In-Planned)

These are all showing in chart below that section.

Task management Template

Project Gantt Chart Reporting

Useful section of project scheduling by (Day, Week, Year). In upper side of template or section you can view some basic function of that template like (Scroll Up-Downs, View quarterly, Generate Report),

Showing result of each project like (Project Alpha to Project Delta) through these two factors

  1. Start Date
  2. In progress %

You can change milestone in upper menu of this sheet for viewing more result

Project Resource Tracking

This sheet is useful for resource management, after select “Total Tasks” Total Resource” you can view data below via different charts.

  1. Total Resources
  2. Total Tasks

Resource Tracking

Q: How can I track current document/project through this template?

A: Through our premium project tracking system, you can configure any project stream-line and check actual and planned cost, resource managing, and any risk/issue.

Q: Is reporting available with this Tracking Template?

A: you can upload any project report in PPT, Word, and Excel-Base format easily.


If you need some more information relates to multiple tracker or project portfolio, then you can comment ProjecTimes team. As we have discussed by far that multiple project planning is not an easy task.

The use of a tracker in crucial and most important when dealing with the multiple projects. So, all you need to do is pick a management tracking tool for more than project.

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