The Project Management Dashboard facilitates the manager to handle projects applying Microsoft Excel. In this article, we are describing you market-best dashboard system (EXCEL-BASED) for managing your projects.

Looking for an advanced project portfolio dashboard?

We are working with EZOWO (Simple PM Software) to ease your project at the next level of management. With multi-user addition, you can manage bulk projects.

Some of basic templates are free, but if you want some professional design template, you have to purchase Premium Template through & ProjecTimes.

The excel-based system, you can order and download with such features like;

  1. Multi-project management
  2. Calendar and heat map setting
  3. Export reports in XLS File
  4. Milestone and Task Adding

In this template, you can adjust the default data and formula according to your requirements.

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Features of Interactive Project Portfolio Dashboard

Interactive Project Management is the best procedure for conveying the right note by utilizing the correct method at the appropriate time.

  1. Manage Construction projects
  2. IT resource utilization template
  3. Daily to Weekly tasks management & generate reports
  4. General to specification project management

When you start a business and even in ongoing business research is a vital part. The research about the market and your project is mainly vital when it comes to interactive projects. For example, if you are working with another company you show have information about them. You must have good know-how about their production procedures and requirements for the project design. Another important thing is a momentary market investigation of the project’s target market.

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Best Project Planning (PM Life-Cycle)

Therefore, the Project management dashboards support you remain on the best of your statistics, records, and due dates. The Interactive project management dashboard offers a time, detailed look at whole data associated with your project planning. By using this tool you do not need to go through lots of worksheets or details.

Save your Time and Money

Furthermore, an interactive dashboard keeps a keen eye on timelines, finances, and tasks so you can keep focused on the main goal. Plus, employee performance of all the team members can be seen at a glance. This will save extra effort and saves lots of time as well.

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How to Project Management Dashboard in Excel?

The handiest and promising feature of a project management dashboard is that you can manage multiple projects by using this. You can also easily manage and plan resources with the help of this amazing tool. This tool also does not need special training or skill to use. It is very easy and user friendly. All you need to have knowledge about is excel.

Project Management Dashboard template similarly facilitates you to pursue and follow all the projects, tasks, and its progress. Furthermore, you can clearly monitor the status of every assignment and project individually.

This also allows you to note down and keep a record of the performance on a daily basis. You can also use this to update your groups and investors about project status and development. Hence every manager should use this tool to run and keep their projects on track. This surely is the must-have template for each project Manager.

Components of Project Management Dashboard

The project Management dashboard shows the overall presentation and progress of specific projects. This type of dashboard can present a system of measurement for overall performance and development. This often also underlines specific troubles that want additional consideration. Following are some elements used in this dashboard:

  1. Bar Chart
  2. Pie Charts
  3. Gantt Chart
  4. Tables or List Objects
  5. Calendars & Heatmaps

Steps to use Project Management Dashboard Template

Here are the detailed and well-explained instructions to handle your projects using Interactive Project Management Dashboard Templates in Excel format.

  1. Enlist of projects in the Project ReviewSheet
  2. Record the List of assignments in separate Projects in the Records Sheet
  3. Document and save the Project Name in the Project Proposal sheet to look at the responsibilities in Gantt Chart
  4. Pick Out the Project title and add additional required data in the Dashboard Sheet in order to generate another new Dashboard.
  5. You also can contribute to sharing the project dashboard with other members of the project.

Beneficial Characteristics in PM Dashboard

Here are some very handy and key elements of the Critical Chain Project Management Dashboard Excel Template.

  1. It provides with Dynamic Dashboard
  2. It comes with the Licensed Layout and easy to change specifications like font and colors
  3. Also has a feature to easily modify the template
  4. Effective and professional Gantt Chart and user-friendly Gantt controls
  5. You can include more options and data easily. Plus, more tables and rows can also be added easily.
  6. This tool is a versatile user friendly and easy to handle your project deliverables.
  7. Hence, with the assistance of this tool, you can effortlessly create the most excellent Project Management Dashboard.

Types of Interactive Project Management Dashboard

The Interactive Project Management Dashboard is incredibly useful and an extraordinary dashboard to manage and to pursue the project performance. This type of handy dashboard provides a bird-eye view of the performance of the project. This provides a review of all the technicalities in the project.

  1. Data Analysis PM Dashboard
  2. HR management Dashboard
  3. Sales & Marketing Management Dashboard
  4. Financial Management Dashboard
  5. Task Management Dashboard
  6. Construction Project Management Dashboard

Another very amazing feature of this is the way it provides an overview of all the information. This dashboard used graphs, sheets, and charts to show the data. This is a very helpful feature for managers to manage the project easily. As the manager has so many things to see to, so a quick over rather than detailed information helps them to manage easily. This also saves lots of time and keeps your focus.

Risk-Management-Interactive-DashboardData Analysis PM Dashboard

The data management dashboard is a special type of dashboard best suited for data entry type projects. IN this interactive feature, you can overview multiple user progress on particular data analysis work.

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HR Management Dashboard

The best hr dashboard system is the recruitment manager, through this dashboard; you can arrange so many tasks in one platform.

Sales & Marketing Interactive Dashboard

This dashboard shows you daily sales report by no of agents, these types of dashboard use in call center agencies and regular sales management team.

Sales-Interactive-DashboardTask Management Interactive Dashboard

Just like Gantt chart, EZOWO is a wonderful system of task management. You can define roles and generate reports accordingly.

Financial Interactive Dashboard Excel

Easily create General ledger, income statement, and company financial summary according to the particular project through this dashboard.

So, you can also request us ProjecTime and Template124 to develop custom dashboards for your business just like a restaurant, hotel, and construction business. This also comes with the element of showing overall status on the dashboard. Plus, it displays a clear and organized form of schedule.

This Project Management Dashboard similarly follows the expenses monthly. This helps in reviewing if the budget is on track or not.

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