Looking for solution of project reporting through EXCEL template? Here is no of different types of EXCE_BASED dashboard using for reporting of any project.

Which Project dashboard do your want? 

Before starting this topic, make sure what kind of dashboard template your expect? Is it Resource management dashboard or simple project management dashboard? Is you are looking for recruitment tracker or ALL in HR management system?

We have different project management roadmap template like IT, construction.

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A dashboard report is a helpful tool in displaying data in a presentable manner. By using a dashboard, you can easily manage and present your business objective.

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  1. How to create Multiple reports using dashboard of Excel?
  2. IT, Construction, Sales dashboard reports easily generate
  3. Employee performance reporting easily generate
  4. MS Excel 2013 version required (Recommended)
  5. For Web-Based System ProjecTimes recommend you
  6. Projects Reports Dashboard in Excel (PDF+WORD)

As this has the option of graphically represent the data in a handy way. You can see and asses the progress in a glance. By this you can easily track and analyses the data.

Key Features of Dashboard Reports in Excel

Dashboards can be altered and customized according to your need. As different industries and different projects has different needs. By using a dashboard, you can even comprehend the situation of your country, state, and city.

Multiple-Project-Tracking-Template-ExcelAnalysis of Date

It delivers us with the tractability to choose from aggregate and daily data.  By using a dashboard, you can monitor and performance indicators and business metrics in singular platform.

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Generate reports within seconds

Projects Reports Dashboard in Excel are one of the handiest tools in market in analyzing and presenting your data. Another feature of this tool is helping in communication. This could help you out communicate crucial information about your business to a target audience.

Project Progress Reporting

Additionally, Dashboard in can show all the essential data about your project progress. The sheet could also contain data under tracking and the essential statistical calculations used to trace the data. Just like program management planning, it’s very important to track the project progress in every phase of project.

Why use a Dashboard Template in Excel for Reporting?

Now the question is why the dashboard is so important. Dashboards delivers and offer a high-level summary of every key section that managers require to evaluate briefly.

Easy Editable Layout

These dashboards are somewhat flexible and resourceful for every area of your company. whether you are small businessman or managing a big business dashboard can be very useful in both situations. It is crucial to know that the dashboard layout is adaptable, simple, and very easy to read.

Any Time Generate Reports

The best and effortless performance of your business is to use Excel Dashboard report templates. This tool can have the way to progress and plan you progress. Furthermore, it is straightforward and effortless to get a vibrant overview of your entire business.

Excel Dashboard Examples and Template Files

Here below, some unique dashboard is available to download. For Premium access, you Must BUY Project Portfolio System through Template124.

Project Management Dashboard

We provide you multiple projects costing dashboard system in excel. If you need some more functions like “MULTI USERS” and Projects FINANCIAL, then you have to purchase EZOWO TOOL rather than portfolio dashboard excel.

Project management is rather a difficult task to do. To manage a project, you must use helpful tools to manage the tasks properly. As the management needs proper planning and evaluation, a dashboard can come in very handy in this situation.

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So, by using a dashboard report can help in managing and representing your project effectively. The dashboard maintains tracks of your tasks, timelines, and budgets. The dashboard can merge different other tools like Gantt charts, overall task status, budget etc. Therefore, it also helps you rationalize your project charter, staying your project on plan without overplaying your financial plan.

Sales Dashboard Report Excel

A sales dashboard is a decent tool to see the sales information in a graphical representation. It helps to see your sales data in a glance. This will also aid in visualizing and analyzing your sales team performance.

You do not need to go through bulky paperwork anymore. All you need to do is enter your data in dashboard and there you have it all the results in a glance.

Leads Tracking Reports

So, as we all know batter project tracking leads to success which means the boost in your business. And the sales dashboards create a visual representation of sales results to improve accomplishment, create liability and pursue development.

A sales dashboard keeps you up to speed by using a tracking metrics of your business which contains sales and revenues. This dashboard offers a extremely simple and very helpful data view of your business and however it is incredibly influential.

Interactive Project Management DashboardSupply Chain Dashboard Excel

Supply chain and inventory management is one of the hardest things to program management. As it includes thousands of things and it is very hard to keep track of everything by using a pen and paper. In this case a supply chain dashboard can make your life very easy.

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You cannot imagine how much this dashboard can reduce your workload. A supply chain dashboard report is one of the favorite dashboards among the business managers. As this allows you to have a bird eye on your products and help you to manage them accordingly.

How to Create Excel Dashboard for Project Reporting?

Excel Dashboard templates are the best is the most powerful and significant tool in any category of business. For create specific dashboard of any project isn’t easy. Required advance excel practice and MICROS. This is time-taking activities, only excel developer can use Blank template for create any project deployment for reporting.

Any business especially bigger ones can’t do without it. Furthermore, you can use these templates to examine crucial business data.

  1. The dashboard is a strong tool to imagine data. Dashboards are great importance to assess the achievements of a company.
  2. A dashboard report is a standard and most trendy tool for achieving simple data assessment. It also provides powerful organizing and planning support of your data.
  3. The content of the dashboards is well directed and are continually available at one click. This eventually facilitates in the process of quick decision making.


In this article, we covered that how important is to use a dashboard to run your projects smoothly. I wish this reading will help you in having a batter understanding and creating amazing dashboards and save you a lot of time. for more information about Projects Reports Dashboard in Excel, you can contact ProjecTimes.NET team.

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