Let’s start project plan from scratch, first of all you require project initiation checklist template for finalize roadmap of your plan. In this checklist you required many types of templates like risk register, business case study, stakeholder analysis or reporting template in excel and work format.

Review our Project document template before download checklist. Before you start a new business, you must make a proper plan. And making a project initiation checklist is the first step of planning a new business. This tool ensures that the business is on the right track and is running smoothly.

This is first phase of project management. so before planning project make sure about tools/templates of initiation planning. In this article, we discuss some useful initial planning document template list, most important for every project in initial stage.

Some example template of initiation phase of project life-cycle template

  1. Project Initiation Document
  2. Stakeholder Analysis & Reporting
  3. Project Scope
  4. Initiation Phase Templates
  5. Risk Management
  6. Project Charter (Alternative)

It is essential to address the business scope and charter and that can only be done by maintain a checklist.

Why you Need Initiation Document Checklist?

Without this checklist you may bypass many important steps during phase of project planning. You need all phase project management checklist (initiation, Planning, Execution, Closure).

This is also a helpful tool to present and explain your project plan in front of your clients and investors and other team members. So, you make a comprehensive and clear checklist to explain the whole structure of the project.  Because lack of clarity can lead to misunderstanding unnecessary problems. This will also support you to give a proper shape and presentation to your project.

Project Initiation Document Checklist Template

Below you can download proper checklist before starting any project. Without this list you are trouble regarding find out the best way out towards finalization phase. we will also see what is the importance of Project Initiation Document (PID)?

Project-Initiation-Template-ChecklistComponents of project initiation checklist template

In addition, the initiation list often contains the project approval and verification details. This will allow the managers and person in charge to have a proper idea about the authentication of project clearly.

Acceptance Criteria Business Case Template Process Flow Chart Template
Program Management Plan Exception Report Feasibility Report
Project Dependence Template Product Launch Checklist Program Brief Template
Project Interfaces Worksheet Portfolio Management Project Charter Template
RACI Matrix Request For Proposal Template Project Initiation Plan
Stakeholder Register Stakeholder Vision Analysis Statement of Work Form

Then you must also document the information like project name, manager information and project id carefully. You can also note down the description about the tasks and how they will be performed. The objective and needs of resources can also me mentioned in detail. These details may possibly will help to prepare implement and run the project efficiently.

Related Template: Resource Capacity Checklist

A Project Initiation Document often contains the following components:

Types of Project Initiating Checklist Template

First of all, there are two main categories in project checklist template one is for stages in the project and the other one is for requests and approvals. The project stages section further divided into:

  1. The Project objective
  2. Document Background
  3. Project Scope
  4. Sponsors Listing
  5. Project Leads
  6. First Project Approvals
  7. Project Approach
  8. Final Product
  9. Risk Management
  10. Costs and Expenses

Agile Project Initiation Template

You can use agile approach for the initiation of your project. Furthermore, the initiation template can be used along with agile projects. Together they can have a very good approach towards business.

Related Template: Agile Project Plan Template

The initiation template helps in managing agile base business in a very efficient and productive way. This tool provides you with everything you need for managing a business project. It often also facilitates in calculating estimated expenses and resources.

Construction Project Initiation Template

It is very critical and essential in a construction to plan beforehand. An effective plan and a handy and decent tool will make you through the whole process specially in construction projects.

So, you must have to select and use a project management tool for this. The Construction Project Initiation Template helps you to manage batter and guides you every step of the way. It also helps you to manage your time properly and finish your project on time.

Is Project Charter is the Alternative of Project Initiating Document?

Some project manager prefers project charter as an initiating document for starting any project. But I recommend you to go with Initiating document instead of project charter for depth.

In addition, if you still no idea where to start project (complex one) you can contact out team. They guide you relates to your project, if suites this product. For more variety download list of Project Initiation Checklist Template excel and other format, you can contact ProjecTimes.


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