Critical Chain Project Management

Looking for concept of critical chain in project management? What includes in it? As a manager, how you can deal with this, make approaches, project analysis and project management scheduling through critical chain management.

  1. Project scheduling through CCPM method
  2. Download template in PDF, Excel and WORD
  3. Complete resource management template excel (with this template)
  4. From initial to closure stage, time-scale manage with CCPM
  5. Easy resource management with this template
  6. Just like earned value analysis template

Here you can have everything that you need for the batter and striking criteria for critical chain project management. Are you looking for some easy procedures that are less time consuming and cost management, than you have come to the right place?

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What is Critical Chain in Project Management?

Here we are going to start with some more basic and easy explanation of the terminologies that will help you. The first one is the CCPM. The companies like amazon, hyper, maze and Texas instruments are Applying effectively the critical chain project.

Benefit of CCPM Methods

So, the question is that why the chain strategy is the main requirement of each company.

So, the answer is that it provides the simple approach and helps the manager to make the task simple end time saving as well as mentioned earlier that it also saves the consumer cost and had already put the hike in many multinational companies.

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Key Features of CCM Template

Let us see some benefits and key features of using chain project analysis. Since the critical chain helps the manager or the person that is leading a specific company, to determine and save and absurdity of the task completion as faster as possible.

Here we introduce some of the basic tools that helps for a beginner to attain the fast and easy task in critical chain. ‘

Critical Chain Project Management

The hold kickoff meeting:

In this procedure the user can check or review those meetings that has been done since long. In other words, we can say that it provide easy way to check the meetings that has been pending and needed to be review with some stuff, that is called hold a kickoff meeting.

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Write space and new feature:

This project template provides another interesting view point to the user that we can write the notes and put the hint at the spacing that are provided at new feature.

QA the code:

It’s also provided the option of coding the different products that will ensure the security, which is mainly required by the market.

Released improved feature:

This is the most interesting feature the consumer love to have this provides the option for the updating of new feature that a legal consumer or user can enjoy every time to improved skills it has also provide help tutorial with new features.

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What is the critical chain method Template?

To start with the critical chain method, we must understand the difference e between Critical chain path and the critical chain. The critical path and critical chain are both a type of schedule and the are sometimes more difficult to differentiate or to understand individually.

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Though there is only a little verbal difference but in actual thy are far diverse from each other. In the critical chain model, we have focus on resource, which means that that main leading authority is the resource. And in the Critical path the main thing that is viewed from is the task. This is the major difference sometimes called resource to task difference.

Example of Critical Chain Template

Elements of Critical Chain Project Management, It can be defined using three types of buffers as following:

  1. Project Buffer

The total pooled buffer comprising of Standard Conventional Project Schedule and Staggered buffered between individual tasks, is called the project buffer.

  1. Feeding Buffer

The pooled buffer on each path leading to the critical path is known as the feeding buffer. The feeding buffer results in providing some slack to the critical path.

  1. Resource Buffer

First of all, Resource buffer acts as a virtual task that’s insert just before critical chain tasks that require access to critical resources. It acts as a trigger point for the resource.

In addition, To make a successful method of a critical chain project we have some examples to share with you that will ensure your work easier and faster as well.



Make sure, this technique is better for the traditional critical path method and PERT charter templates. Using templates and other software you can schedule our project easily in any situation. Improve stats of project completion during each stage of the project life cycle.

In addition, I hope this reading helped you understanding the significant value and use of Critical chain project management template.

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