Looking for generate project status report? In any stage of project life-cycle you require status report for stakeholder, investors and for project managers. You can download status report in EXCEL format. In this post, I list down plenty of best PMP templates for project managers.

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The Project Status Report Template Excel is basically the process of updating the development and progress in your project. This allows you to see the overview of the progress and performance in the tasks of your project. You can manage your report weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. It’s the part of project planning phase, so make sure about it.

In addition, you can download plenty of simple status document for daily to weekly project progress reporting. If you have some particular project requirement (custom), then you can ask ProjecTimes.Net team.

Key Features of Project Status Report Template

A status report is a detail that reviews and summarize a project’s whole progress. It also compare the progress versus the estimated strategy. The main objective of a report is to keep on track with all investors in the loop. You can generate report through multiple dashboard template.

  1. Identify issue and mitigate issue according to projected project demand
  2. Professional document uses in any stage of project planning
  3. Weekly, Daily, Monthly based project status
  4. Special reports for stakeholders, Investors and company CEO
  5. MS excel (2010 to 360 Version)
  6. MAC compatible

Project status in terms of budget, schedule, resource planning, task flow system add in template. For custom section require – must contact EzowoTools or ProjecTimes team.

We recommend updating your reports regularly without any delay as it helps you to keep your investors in the loop. Therefore, to run a project efficiently you must monitor your progress anyway. This practice makes you successful and confident.

The importance of Project Status Report Template Excel

The interaction and communication are the support for every category of project. The most promising tool we can keep our team on track and updated is a status report.

  1. By making and sharing status report will help your team to gain trust and be honest about the work
  2. With he helps of this you can monitor and discuss tasks, budget, and any issues in the project

So, with the help of this report you can be transparent to your team and that will be eventually very good for your project health. By using a weekly or daily status report, you are building trust by being 100% transparent about all project details on a very regular basis.

Advantages of Creating status report in project management

Projects need your attention to progress. The main thing in progressing a project is the communication. You cannot deny the importance of the advantage and importance of status report template. The project is basically a teamwork.

To run the project smoothly you must update the team with any changes and alterations. The best way to do is the use of a project status report template. There are countless benefits to creating status report. Let’s discuss some of them:

  1. It helps to improve the focus of your project
  2. Enhances the clarity of the project
  3. It helps to add necessary details
  4. It aids you to see the detail overview in form of bigger picture
  5. Improves the project members communication
  6. Helps to inspire and push up the team members

Facts of project status report template (excel)

Some of the most important and promising features about the status report are:

  1. First being a agile project manager, you must document project details and progress on time and share it with your respective team
  2. Secondly time is very essential past you must accomplished your projects tasks on decided time This will help in planning the project further
  3. With the help of the updated report, you will keep on track without making any further additional effort

Why using Project Status Template?

It’s very important document, so you must overview about reporting layout. As we know by now that status report is an essential in running a project smoothly.

This is the best way to share and deliver the information with your stakeholders. A status report is basically an indispensable manuscript in project administration.

  1. It mainly is a source of sharing the project development information about the project completion with clients, retailers, and the members of your team.
  2. As this must be the most defines and updated information about project this will allows you to see the status of your project. This is a fantastic way to show where you are at in your project.

How to write a decent project status report?

Looking to create or write Project Status Report Template excel? Below I’m going to explain how to create template according to own project requirement. The next question must come into your mind is how we write a good status report. You need to make sure that the structure is clear and updated. And you also need to be kept your report up to date on regular basis.

Another thing you should keep in mind that you must talk about the topic in consideration this will keep you on track. To write a decent report, you must follow the standard proper guideline.

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Components of Project Status Report

Following are some basis steps required to make a good standard status report

  1. Write a name of the report
  2. Any problems or off-track issues in project
  3. A summary of the project progress
  4. Highlight the key areas in your project
  5. Connect other reports and related data to the report
  6. Address and note down any problems in project
  7. Add additional notes if needed

Project-Status-SummaryProject Status Summary (Header)

Here you can paste some important detail, like (Project ID, Project Detail, Company LOGO).

After mentioned details, now enter key element of project status or summary for quick overview.

  1. Project Manager
  2. Status Date
  3. Project Phase
  4. Project Lunch Date
  5. Launch Date (Target VS Actual)

Project Status Schedule (Template Body)

In which we show status schedule using color lines like;

Green = Launch On Schedule Yellow =Tasks Behind Schedule Red = Critical Path Impact

 Project Status Budget:

Now comes to budget section, you can arrange columns or row according to multiple types of budget like;

  1. Hourly Budget
  2. Actually Budget
  3. ETC, EAC, VAC

Project Document Repository

This section, you can mention detail of document repository of any, otherwise delete this row pressing CTRL + C

Project-Status-Milestone-TrackingKey Schedule Milestone Tracking

Enter milestone information in this section according to planned VS actual. DOC document is using instead of Microsoft Excel.

  1. Milestones
  2. Target Date Vs Actual Project Status Date
  3. Status
  4. Comment

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Project-Progress-ChecklistSteering Team Escalation

This is HR manager role, classification of team member roles according to project status. Responsible person is mention by project activity progress.

Progress from Previous Week

List down progress from previous week compare current progress status. You can also create separate sheet of actual VS previous project progress.

Progress Planned for this Week

In this section, list down some planned project progress status details. Either you are interacting with construction project or other IT, make sure you have this type of document for reporting.

Check out Project Description Templates as a Related Article.

Categories of Status Reports for Project Manager

It is important that you must know which data to share at what time and with who. That is why you should categorize your report. Following is the different kinds of report categories.

Weekly Status Report

The manager should make a weekly status report regularly. You must decide a day in week and regularly update the status report on the same time.

Monthly Status Report

The monthly status report is a broad type of report. It shows the bigger picture of the project.

Quarterly Status Reports

The Quarterly status reports are also a bigger picture of the data about the progress of the project. This is very hand and helpful for the management of the project. The bigger picture will make you see the progress in a broad way.

Examples of Project Status Report Template Excel

Below you can download some example document according to your project demand. Some fold is also call project progress or activity report template. These document format in MICROSOFT (Excel + Word).

Status Review Meeting Template

Meeting review template according to particular project status. This is separate document use for review meeting status of project charter plan.

Project Activity Report Template

You can use Items in-progress this week, Items to be started next week, major milestones and deliverables.

  1. Scope on Track
  2. Schedule on Track
  3. Budget on Track
  4. Quality Management (Minor Issue)
  5. Overall Project Health (on Track)

Project Progress Report Template

Overall project progress status report through Gantt chart is available to access. Daily to weekly base project progress report you can download via this template.

Construction-Project-StatusProject Portfolio Status Dashboard Template

If you want to manage project portfolio through dashboard, then you must use product. Through this dashboard tracking template, you can manage milestone, Gantt charts, Reporting & task management.

  1. Tracking current stakeholder engagement in terms of meeting
  2. Project timeline status showing currently project tasks results
  3. Currently cost management status
  4. Risk and issue management and mitigation planning


Frequently Asked Question:

Check out some frequently asked question related to this template. Mostly users ask these questions, so please go-through before download.

Is Project Status Template open format only Excel?

You can also use this report in PDF and Word (DOC) document. Mostly users prefer MS excel format for more advance tool.

Which projects I can implement these status template?

Construction, IT, and other general project implementation must use these status report template. For custom projects you can contact ProjecTimes.Net

Is ProjecTimes is save or secure site for download template?

Yes, we have SSL (Encryption) for save our clients record and IP information. so you don’t worry about this.

Finally, if you still need more information about layout or Project Status Report Template Excel, then you can request us for Video Demo of different templates.

  1. How to Project Status Reports for Custom Project management projects
  2. According to Project Manager Guide, Check Methodology

Some of basic templates are free, but if you want some professional design template, you have to purchase Premium Template through & ProjecTimes.

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