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Let’s discuss in detail about Project Management documentation checklist according to project life-cycle or phases. These checklist template you can download in EXCEL format.  Initiation document checklist to closure checklist. After reading this document you clear an idea about where to start any new project?

With life-cycle phases, you can also request us to download various template relates to project planning. In addition, this checklist is standard for all type of project but little bit different for construction.

  1. Excel and Word-based format
  2. Easy project Planning till the closure stage
  3. Premium PM document checklist template download (TEMPLATE124)
  4. Construction, Audit, Project Closure, Communication, Risk Management Checklist are also available

In addition, you need some specific type of product development or project checklist, you can consult our ProjecTimes.Net team.

What is Project Management Document Checklist (WHY)?

First of all, you must understand about PM document checklist template, and why it is necessary. For starting any new project from scratch, you required PM document checklist according to project life-cycle.

  1. From Initiating to closure stage checklist
  2. Easily project audit and risk identification
  3. Project execution and monitoring stage checklist template
  4. Download Project Documents Template Excel for complete detail
  5. These checklists according to PMBOK 7 and PMP plan

The project management document templates are very essential for proper running of a project. You can apply this tool at any stage of the project. You can save a considerable amount of time by using a planning template for your business.

Project planning is crucial for the life cycle and good health of your project. It is of great use when it comes to planning bigger projects. It also keeps your team on track. A project plan checklist mainly enlists all the important details of the project.

Project-Documents-Template-ExcelWhat are Main Categories of PM Documents?

Let’s discuss some basic categories for construct any project from scratch.

  1. Project Management Audit Checklist Excel
  2. Project initiation document checklist
  3. Project manager transition checklist
  4. PM compliance checklist
  5. Project manager checklist template
  6. Project closure checklist excel
  7. Project handover to operations checklist

Those details include project objective, scope, important deadlines etc. therefore, you must update the checklist after some time on regular basis. By doing this you will be updated by any changes and new development in your business. This will also ensure that you are on the right track and leading towards successful completion of your project.

Check out HR Strategy Plan Template as a Related Template.

Project Management Audit Checklist Excel

Standard document procedure required according to conformance with the project. How to create PM audit template? What is included in it? All of these questions you can easily manage and maintain with these checklist template.

According to project coasting, scheduling, resource management and workload, you can audit any project and generate report.

Project Initiation Document Checklist

Before starting any project, you make sure about initiation documentation requirement. In this case, these checklists help you relates to construct and design frame of work of any project.

  1. Back bone of project
  2. Define project scope, teams’ roles, business case, tools/software, scheduling
  3. Project assessment, tracking, plan is also construct

What is Project Planning Checklist?

2ns most important step of project life-cycle. Following are some basic checklist need to download for new project.

There are mainly five important part of planning a project:

  1. Project History
  2. Project Goals
  3. Project Risks and hazards
  4. Possible Solution to Problems
  5. Quality Control
  6. Action Item Plan

In this article, we will discuss what the project planning is and why is it important? We will also have a look at its important feature. And how do we create one.

Why is a project checklist necessary in project management?

Project Manager Transition Checklist

Process modelling, integrated project management transition procedure planning checklist download here. According to PMI guide

PM Compliance Checklist

Project management preventive checklist according to particular project nature. PMI set standard policy regarding compliance checklist.

Project Manager Checklist Template

Multiple project manager manages their checklist according to set plan. Project manager can create own checklist template according to specific nature of project. CEO of company can also maintain multiple project manager performance record through this template.

Project Closure Checklist Excel

At-last you require project closure checklist Pre and post project closure template is necessary at the end of the stage.

  1. Reporting of Project
  2. Pre closure report template

Why do you need a project Document checklist?

When running a business project there is always need of taking care of even all the smallest details. The managers sometimes have a lot on their plate, and they cannot manage everything all by themselves.

In this situation a project planning template and lists comes in very handy. It saves you time and help eliminating errors in your project.

And if you are new at your job or not a professional manager you must consider using a planning checklist because without this you will feel yourself lost. So, the mangers and other project related professionals gives so much importance to lists and checklists when it comes to planning a project as it saves time, money, and resources as well.

Importance of a Project Management Document Checklist

As the name suggest the planning checklist template helps you plan your project. And we all know planning is very important for all categories of businesses.

A project checklist in mainly a guide and a roadmap for the people involved in the project.

  1. Planning checklist will help your project team to lead the project to success.
  2. It also helps to allocate priorities to different tasks.
  3. With a project checklist, such people will be able to organize the activities and points to be considered to make the project a success.
  4. By using this tool, you will be able to complete the project without any problem on time.

Format of Project Document Checklist Excel

The type of checklist you make is basically depends on the type of project task lists you are working on. As different projects have different needs and requirements.

The basic format of a project planning is as follows:

  1. Write Down the project name on header
  2. Include project goals on the checklist to achieve them successfully
  3. Enlist the things to be considered more according to the importance given to them.
  4. Make sure you have a place for remarks in your checklist
  5. Add instructions and important notes
  6. Update and improve your checklist regularly after some time

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Types of Project Planning Checklist

Following are different types of project checklist. Check out and copy some checklist template.

  1. Construction Project Management Checklist
  2. IT Project Checklist Excel

Construction Project Management Checklist

If you are managing any construction project, then you need checklist detail from initiation stage to closure stage.

IT project Checklist Excel

Just like construction, some IT projects like (Software development) required checklist template.

In addition, for more detail about Project Management Document Checklist you can contact team or

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